Kent Placement Portfolio research placements

During a research placement the student will carry out work with an organisation or community group that will contribute to the completion of their coursework, dissertation, or thesis. The specific project details will be agreed between the organisation, the student and their academic mentor to meet the needs of both the organisation or community and the student.

There will be an expectation the placement will enable independent study and that the student will produce a report of their findings for the organisation or community, as well as for their academic studies.

Examples of previous research placements include:

  • a student researching how climate change is affecting Kent
  • feasibility studies for renewable energy in a community
  • surveying local residents on their carbon footprint and devising recommendations to reduce these
  • data compilation of the environmental impact and efficiency of solar energy.


Elham Environment Group

The Elham Environment group wants a student to help them out by conducting a survey of carbon audit of households around Elham. This placement will build on your researching and reporting skills in a practical setting, and you will see how research can be used to inform decisions. Find out more about the Elham Environment Group placement (PDF, 306.4 KB).