How we can help disabled people into work

If you have a disability, we can provide high quality support to help you prepare for, enter into and succeed in the world of work. To use our services you need to be referred to us by your care manager.

Once we've received the referral we will get in touch and arrange to meet you. We will talk about your work needs and expectations and decide if our service can meet your needs.

Preparing for work

To prepare you for the world of work we can help with:

  • Vocational profile - a person centred tool to help you make informed choices about the job you would like to do and see what your skills and aspirations are.
  • CV preparation - why CVs are important and the techniques employers use when shortlisting. We can help you create a new CV or update an existing one.
  • Application forms - different types of forms and how to answer certain types of questions.
  • Interview skills - many people find interviews daunting, we can help with what to expect and practice interviews.
  • Travel training - become more confident using public transport and learning new routes. Job coaches can also travel with you while you learn to be independent.
  • Benefit advice and guidance - how any benefits you receive will be affected if you work and do better off calculations.
  • Work experience and tasters - if you are new to work or want to change careers these can help you try a new role.

Job coaches

When you first start your job we can give you in work support to help you learn your new job. This could be things like:

  • creating task lists which you understand
  • visual prompts to help you learn
  • getting to know the work environment
  • meeting your new team and colleagues
  • understanding rules and responsibilities.

We can also provide job coaching if you are in danger of losing your job due to a disability or health condition. We can help by:

  • understanding the job role
  • liaising with managers and HR to identify areas of concern
  • negotiating flexible working conditions and reasonable adjustments in the workplace (if appropriate)
  • contacting Department of Work and Pensions about assessments and adaptations.

Read more in our Kent Supported Employment leaflet (PDF, 406.3 KB)

Getting a referral

To get a referral:

  • If you have a Kent County Council care manager, tell them you are interested in entering the world of work and ask them to refer you to Kent Supported Employment.
  • If you don't have a care manager, contact our social services team and ask for an assessment.

How we have helped

Mikayla told us that she wanted to find employment that would provide a qualification and help her build a career. An opportunity for a potential Apprenticeship Level 2 in Business Administration with the ‘War & Peace’ team was discussed with Mikayla after a meeting was arranged with the employer Mikayla was offered the role.

Mikayla says: The staff at Kent Supported Employment are really helpful and friendly. They helped me stay in my part time job while finding a full time apprenticeship.