How employing a disabled person can help your business

We offer a specialist supported employment service for people with disabilities and disadvantages.

We are able to professionally support people aged 16 and over with a disability to prepare, find and stay in paid employment. We work with people who have:

  • physical disabilities
  • learning disabilities
  • are on the autistic spectrum.

We offer a comprehensive package of advice, guidance and support, including:

  • conducting employee specific risk assessments in the workplace
  • practical hands-on 1:1 support
  • specialised instructions for the employee to be trained to carry out the tasks of the job to meet the expectations of the employer (if needed).

Our support is ongoing until the employee adapts to the workplace and gains the confidence to work independently of support. Support can be called on to deal with any unforeseen issues that may arise requiring the professional expertise of the support worker. Long term support is a key factor in the success of supported employment.

Benefits to your company

Employing disabled people using Kent Supported Employment can help your company:

  • have access to a wider pool of labour
  • reduce your recruitment costs
  • improve the diverse profile of your workforce
  • improve your company image, become an employer of choice
  • increase your staff retention rates

We can:

  • help you recruit staff with a disability by offering creative solutions and support
  • work with local employers across Kent to help recruit, support and retain them
  • support you to find the best person for the for the job
  • offer short free disability awareness training sessions for companies.

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