Our vision

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See the person, see the difference

Working in adult social care at this time provides opportunities to make a real difference by enabling those people you support to lead more active, safe and fulfilled lifestyles of their choice.

We recognise the many challenges being faced with reducing resources so we want to ensure that our service users get the right support provided, in the right way and at the right time.

The number of adults, particularly those who are older needing support, is growing and will continue to do so in the future. Their needs are becoming more complex as they live longer, coping with long-term conditions such as dementia.

We have developed our service to better meet the needs of individuals who need our support. It is an exciting time to join us as we begin to deliver the things we have always done, but now in a more effective way. We are working in new and smarter ways using technology to support us.

This is affecting all aspects of our work in adult social care including how we provide business support, commission services, our relationships with providers and how we involve those who we support to achieve improved outcomes and reduce duplication with other services.

We are aligned to work in a co-terminus way with our health partners as part of the integration health and social care agenda. In our commitment to be more accessible and responsive, we are working a 7 day service.

As the Director for Older People and Physical Disability in Kent, I recognise the importance of strong leadership needed to support my team of skilled and competent managers, practitioners and support staff to work differently.

I want the best for those we support in Kent and this is only possible as a team effort with everyone playing their part. I believe we already have the foundations in place for an effective service and I am now committed to sustaining and building on those improvements. This means creating a culture of continuous improvement as part of a learning organisation which fosters good practice, where staff are encouraged to be innovative and creative, share ideas and collaboration exists.

This means offering staff regular supervision, time for reflection, opportunities for professional development and career progression as well as committed leadership.

My ultimate goal is to promote and develop confident, knowledgeable and well-supported adult social care staff that are committed to always putting the customer first, delivering improved outcomes and working in partnership to the highest standards of practice.

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