Our mental health teams

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  • Is a countywide specialist mental health service which is integrated with the NHS Partnership Trust, under a section 75 agreement.
  • Assesses the social care needs of people with mental health who have come into contact with the criminal justice system and their carers. The team produces relevant care and support plans.
  • Consists of social workers, nurses and occupational therapists in care coordination roles, supported by other professionals from the forensic service including psychiatrists, psychologists, social work assistants and administrators.
  • Promotes a recovery and strength based approach working with mentally disordered offenders at both the pre and post discharge point of their care pathway and carries out statutory supervision where needed.
  • Contributes to the dedicated Approved Mental Health Professional service (AMHP) on a rota basis.
  • Provides the investigating officer function for safeguarding enquiries.
  • Provides a countywide, specialist, forensic mental health service to Kent’s clinical commissioning group areas for a wider partnership working with health colleagues.

  • Is a Kent wide social work team who work with individuals aged 17 - 65 experiencing mental distress and social care issues. They aim to support people to take control of their lives again, maximising their wellbeing and quality of life. The service is just one part of the social care offer of support
  • Assesses social care needs with the individual and their family/network using an asset and strength-based approach.
  • Will assess using ‘eligibility determination’ (Care Act 2014) to identify unmet social care needs and work with the individual and their family/network to agree a care and support plan.
  • Works with the Live Well community wellbeing service plus a range of partners including Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) and the wider community to achieve a joined up response to the needs of individuals. The teams are based in Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) with KMPT.
  • Provides the investigating officer function for safeguarding enquiries. The service will also take the lead for self neglect cases providing coordination for and collaboration with other services and providers.
  • Works closely with the Kent enablement and recovery service and third sector partners to help identify services or resources that will support individuals to manage their distress.
  • Will provide support and signposting to carers.

In a recent review of the AMHP service, our team has been instrumental in making positive changes to the way we work internally, with our partners and with our service users. We are working to a new structure and have introduced an enhanced remuneration package for our AMHPs.

The AMHP service

  • Is managed by Kent County Council and works in partnership with key stakeholders.
  • Is a centralised service employing AMHPs to solely carryout AMHP duties. We also employ AMHPs who work within our community teams and contribute to the AMHP rota on a regular basis.
  • Assess service users under the Mental Health Act (1983) as part of a rota covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across Kent.
  • Pays a shift enhancement of 33% (8pm to 8am Monday to Thursday, 5pm Friday to 8am Monday and bank holidays).
  • Supports AMHPs through supervision, debriefs and support of other AMHPs 24/7.
  • Has dedicated support from a team of social work assistants and business support staff.
  • Offers training opportunities specific to the role and wider social care and health needs. All AMHPs will receive a minimum of 5 days training per year.
  • Provides a strong governance structure that ensures the delivery of the AMHP service is a key priority for adult social care services.
  • Ensures a robust quality assurance framework which supports practice development and improvements in service delivery.
  • Offers opportunities to work flexible working patterns.
  • Offers an ability to increase earnings through shift enhancements and one-off payments for extra assessments.
  • Provides the opportunity to be involved in the practice education of AMHPs undertaking professional training.

  • Is county managed by Kent County Council, Adult Social Care and Health and undertakes the Designated Senior Manager role for managing adult safeguarding enquiries in line with S42 of the Care Act 2014.
  • Also promotes good practice in safeguarding, acting as consultants within the Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) and embedding the principles of making safeguarding personal.
  • Have safeguarding coordinators who are responsible for instigating, coordinating lines of enquiries and respond to key decision stages for safeguarding concerns. They also chair adult protection meetings.
  • Is made up of a team of senior social workers who are aligned to the CMHTs, as well as inpatient setting and the Forensic social work team.
  • Works alongside Kent County Council's commissioning team and colleagues in mental health to support good quality care and preventative practices with care providers.
  • Undertakes peer audits and reviews to ensure the continuous improvement of services.
  • Works closely with the Kent County Council's adult safeguarding unit  and quality assurance to ensure new initiatives in practice, changes in policies and legislations are reflected in practice.
  • Operates closely with external partners to improve outcomes for residents of Kent.