Dartford permit scheme

To visit the Dartford HWRC you must do one of the following:

  • display a permit (Dartford residents only)
  • show proof of address (Kent residents only)
  • pay £10 for access (non-Kent residents).

The permit allows Dartford residents free access to the site to dispose of domestic waste (some charges may apply).

If you don't have a permit but live in Kent, you can use the Dartford HWRC free of charge but will need to show proof (for example a household bill) that you pay your Council Tax to a Kent borough or district council.

Any non-Kent residents, for example those from neighbouring authority areas such as Bexley and Medway, may use the Dartford HWRC but must pay £10.

Cross border visitors can currently pay by cash or card, however cash payments will be phased out by the end of summer when only card payments will be accepted.

Permit rules

  • One permit per household.
  • Only you can use the permit.
  • You are not allowed to use the permit at other sites.

Get a permit

Apply for a permit online

The permit will be issued once confirmation has been obtained that the resident is living in Dartford.