Finberry to Ashford scheme

The first phase of the scheme was completed in March 2018, which included the construction of a bridge to provide pedestrian, equestrian and cycle access over the East Stour River.

The surface of the existing bridleway was also upgraded to provide an all-weather route linking Fairview Drive and South Willesborough to the underpass of Bad Munstereifel Road (A2070).

The second phase of the scheme will link to the new developments in Ashford, including Park Farm East and Cheesman’s Green.

A wide, freshly tarmacked footpath, alongside a field.

Image of the site after the works took place.

The route aims to provide an alternative and sustainable way to access shops, services, education and employment without taking the car. The majority of the route will follow public bridleways, providing a safer alternative, away from Ashford’s fast roads and heavy traffic.