100 green actions

Image of the Kent year of green action

It's The Great Big Green Week! A celebration of the action communities are taking to tackle climate change and protect nature. Find out how to get involved on the Let's Talk Kent website.

In 2019 we collected suggestions from residents, businesses and community groups on how they make a positive contribution to our environment.

Read though for inspiration, or download our Kent Green Action poster (PDF, 2.2 MB) for your home or workplace.


  • switch traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs
  • switch to a green electricity tariff – ask your provider or use a price comparison site
  • if it’s not dirty, wash at 30 degrees
  • open the blinds or curtains and use natural light instead
  • unplug electronic devices when they aren’t in use
  • hang-dry your clothes instead of using the dryer
  • recycle more of your waste
  • use a reusable water bottle
  • insulate your house
  • use old t-shirts for rags
  • try turning your heating down by 1 degree
  • turn off the tap when brushing
  • think twice before hitting ‘print’
  • reuse scrap paper
  • fix those dripping taps or toilets
  • don’t use a screen saver - use sleep mode
  • always recycle glass (it takes a million years to decompose)
  • shower rather than bathe
  • put a lid on your pans so that food cooks quicker
  • draft proof your doors, floorboards and windows
  • put on an extra layer instead of turning up the heating
  • recycle your birthday cards
  • only boil the amount you need in the kettle.


  • turn off your computer and monitor when you leave work
  • turn off your computer when you’re not using it
  • open the blinds to let in the daylight
  • open the window rather than turn on the fan
  • aim for a paperless office
  • reuse scrap paper
  • use video and conference calls
  • schedule more than one meeting per business trip
  • use public transport where you can
  • avoid rush hour - work from home
  • leave a mug or glass at work instead of using single-use cups
  • reduce your paper waste
  • buy recycled and chlorine-free paper
  • turn lights off when nobody is using a space
  • get a plant and place it on or near your desk
  • use a water hippo to reduce flushing
  • pack your lunch in a reusable lunch bag or box
  • delete files to save energy
  • bring a jumper to work in winter (run a cooler office)
  • last one out turns off the electrical equipment
  • eat in, or bring your own, rather than using takeaway cutlery and containers
  • follow the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • ask your pension scheme to invest in green industries
  • ask your canteen to source locally.


  • drive more slowly
  • use cruise control
  • try car sharing
  • turn off your engine while queuing
  • map a two-mile circle around your house and walk everywhere within it
  • work from home one day each week if you can!
  • ride a bike
  • holiday in Kent this year
  • open the car window rather than turning on the air con
  • accelerate slowly
  • anticipate stopping and brake gently
  • travel by bus
  • travel by train
  • if you can walk or cycle to work
  • consider switching to a plug-in electric or hybrid car
  • avoid travelling by car at peak times to reduce congestion
  • stay with family and friends on holiday
  • plan your journey
  • turn off your engine while queuing.


  • eat more locally sourced food
  • reduce food waste
  • make your own lunch – ditch the meal deal
  • make meals from scratch
  • buy fruit and veg which is in season
  • make jam
  • grow your own
  • start composting.


  • plant your own vegetable garden or herb box
  • plant a tree
  • visit a country park
  • water plants with collected rainwater
  • create a log or leaf pile in the garden - great habitat for insects
  • create a small hole in your garden fence or gate to allow mammals like hedgehogs to visit
  • put plants that attract bees and butterflies in your garden
  • create a wildlife friendly area.


  • shop local
  • shop less
  • wear it out - don’t replace clothes until worn out
  • re-use gift wrap paper
  • donate old clothes, toys and books to charity
  • use the shoe repair shop
  • don’t use single use carrier bags
  • use rechargeable batteries
  • join the library (re-use a book).