Energy grants and funding

There are schemes and funding opportunities to help you make changes to your home, to improve its energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Some programmes you can apply for directly with us, others you'll need to apply for through partners.

We can also provide financial assistance for your energy costs.

Green Homes Grant

A government grant that provides a voucher for up to £10,000 of measures for fuel poor homeowners, and two-thirds of the cost of up to £5,000 of measures for other homeowners, including rented and social housing.

The funding can be used on a range of improvements covering:

  • insulation
  • windows and doors
  • heating controls
  • low carbon heat generation.

To find out more, check your eligibility, or to apply, visit the Government's Simple Energy Advice website.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) is a financial incentive to encourage the use of renewable, or low-carbon, heating systems.

If successful, applicants will be paid for producing clean, renewable heat for up to 7 years.

Learn more  about the scheme and apply at OfGem.

Warm Homes scheme

Our Warm Homes scheme provides funding for insulation and heating measures to residents on benefits.

Some district councils can offer the scheme to low income or vulnerable households.

Learn more about the Warm Homes scheme.

Central heating grants

The Warm Homes scheme can also provide funding to homeowners who are not connected to the gas network to have a gas connection installed, with gas central heating.

Apply for a central heating grant.