SEN co-production workshops

We held two co-production workshops in January and February with parents and carers, young people and practitioners. They were designed to help us develop a shared understanding of what real co-production means and to understand how we can all work together to better to create services which work for all children and young people who have SEND.

The workshops were led by an independent team of parents, carers and practitioners who work with families in Rotherham. During the second workshop, they introduced us to the Rotherham Charter, that is based around four principles:

  • Welcome and care
  • Value and include
  • Communicate
  • Work in partnership

The team shared practical examples of how we can develop and nurture each of these areas to build trust with parents and young people.

Kent parents and young people also had the chance to share their views with the Rotherham team and senior leaders from KCC and health about their experiences and ideas for how we can work together to make improvements.

We will share ideas gathered during the workshops for implementing what we have all learned soon.

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