Youth activities and groups in your community

There are many ways in which you can get involved in your community.

You may want to join a group, learn a new skill or attend a local event. These support networks can help you to build relationships, confidence and gain independence as you're going into adulthood.

Local activities

In Kent there are a number of voluntary organisations, support groups and advice charities active that can help you, often for free.

To find local activities you can:

Library services

We have a range of resources available to make our services accessible for everyone. This includes; induction loops, large printed books, accessibility software on our computers, easy access books and e-books.

If you have a disability, you also qualify for our exempt card.


To make sure you keep active and healthy, there are many opportunities for you to get involved in sporting activities near you.

To find your local sport groups you can:

Youth groups

You may also want to join groups where you can meet people of your age, where you can meet new friends who share the same likes as you.

To find your local youth group you can: