How we fund SEND in schools

High Needs Funding (HNF) is money that schools can apply for to help them to support your child.

The amount of funding a school receives depends on its size and the profile of its pupils. Schools decide how to spend the funding to best meet the needs of their pupils.

Each school is expected to provide up to £6,000 for the needs of pupils who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This comes from their Notional SEND budget.

High Needs Funding

Schools can apply for high needs funding if a child needs more than £6,000 spent on them to meet their needs. This is only for children in mainstream schools and sixth forms, including free schools and academies.

The school will work with you and your child to identify their needs to help them make progress. Before the school applies for the extra funding they will ask for your consent. Once the application is received, it is considered by the specialist High Needs Funding team.

If we agree your child needs extra funding we'll confirm by email and will send you a copy of the timetable. If we don't have your email address the school will phone you and give you a copy of the timetable.

The funding is for 1 year but the school will review your child's provision 3 times a year. Your child's school needs to reapply for High Needs Funding each year.

The system is different for Further Education Colleges and Post-16 alternative registered educational providers.

Download an easy read version of our High Needs Funding parent guide (PDF, 342.0 KB).