Pre-school children with sensory impairments

Specialist teachers can give advice and strategies if you have a pre-school child who is deaf, blind or deafblind.

For children who need specialist support to learn through play, a specialist teacher can visit you in your home. They will help your child with communication, sensory play, getting around independently and more.

The Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS) - Sensory Service offers support for families across Kent.

For pre-school children and their families, the specialist teachers:

  • give information about your child’s sensory impairment
  • advise on toys and learning through play
  • give information on modes of communication or tactile approaches
  • monitor development and set goals
  • offer contact with local support networks
  • support your child when starting at pre-school or school
  • give training to pre-schools and schools.

Contact the STLS Sensory Service

Hearing impairment

If you live in the north or west of Kent contact Sue Holder:

If you live in the east and south of Kent contact Jo Clarke:

Visual impairment

For visual impairment enquiries contact Jennie Russell:

Multi-sensory impairment (deafblindness)

For multi-sensory impairments (deafblindness) contact Suzanne Wilkins: