School consultations

We would like your views on proposals to make changes to schools in Kent. This includes:

  • making the premises larger
  • changes to the age range
  • adding special educational needs (SEN) provision to a mainstream school
  • adding or removing a sixth form
  • moving to a new location
  • changes to the type of need or the designated number of a special school
  • changes to boarding provision
  • closing or merging schools.

Proposals for changes to schools go through a public consultation process.  This involves a consultation period of up to six weeks and generally, but not always, includes a public meeting or drop-in event. Consultations are run by academy trusts, governing boards or the local authority.

Once the public consultation has closed, if the school is a local authority maintained school, the Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform makes a decision on whether or not the proposal should proceed. If they decide the proposal should go ahead, the next step for most cases will be publication of a Public Notice.

If the school is an academy, then the academy Trustees make a decision on whether or not the proposal should continue and the final decision rests with the Secretary of State.

Ellington Infant School

Grange Park School

Oakley School

Orchards Academy

Seal CE Primary School

St George's CE Gravesend

The Maplesden Noakes School

A public notice relates to a local authority school (community, voluntary or foundation) and is the statutory consultation on the proposed changes. It is a legal requirement and runs for four weeks. At the end of the public notice period the Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform decides whether or not the proposal will go ahead.

The Beacon Folkestone

Deal Parochial CE Primary School

St James’ C.E. (VA) Infant School and St James’ C.E. (VC) Junior School

Stone Bay (Community Special) School

Whitfield Aspen Primary School

Proposals that have received approval are shown here for a period of 6 months. Some of these are conditional upon receipt of planning consent and will remain here until there is an outcome.

Proposals that have not been approved will also be listed here.

Bysing Wood Primary School

John Wesley Church of England Methodist Primary School

Kings Farm Primary School

Marsh Academy

Northfleet School for Girls

Speldhurst CEP School

St Anselm’s Catholic School

Willesborough Infant School

Ursuline College

West Kent SEN proposed changes

Willesborough Infant and Junior School