Specialist health services

Whilst most healthcare services can help children and young people with a disability, sometimes additional support is needed. To receive additional support, parents or carers can either ask for targeted health services or specialist health support.

Support available

To get support from specialist services, a child or young person’s disability must be permanent and substantial and impact their ability to do daily activities and impact their family’s wellbeing. They will be referred to receive this support via their GP, dentist, child’s school, health visitor, school nurse or social worker.

A specialist service provides support to parents and carers if they cannot give their child all the care they need. This could be due to:

Specialist health services

Depending on your child or young person's needs, you can contact one of the following services:

  • Looked after Children Nursing Service are a team of specialist nurses who support the health needs of looked after children, their carers and those leaving care up to the age of 18. Their role is to ensure that the health needs of looked after children are met, which they do by undertaking review health assessments and delivering packages of care. The team work closely with the other professionals surrounding looked after children and are able to support referrals to other services as needed.
  • Kent and Medway Communication and Assistive Technology Service work in partnership with schools and families to provide communication and assistive technology solutions that allow children and young people to develop their independence.
  • Community Learning Disability Team provides support to children and families who have a developmental delay or a learning disability, specialising in behaviour, sleep and continence.
  • Child Health Services offer therapy and health services for children and young people requiring complex intervention from 0 to 19 years.

If you are unsure who to contact or you need further support you can contact one of the following support groups: