Autism support and diagnosis

Support for you and your child

Before you request an autism diagnosis there are many support groups and charities available. These services can help you before, during and after your diagnosis.

For more information contact:

NHS services

National autism support charities

Local support

Our support services

Read our handbook for Kent families who would like to know more about autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

Alternatively you can contact local groups, charities and support networks that on our local online directory.

Videos to help you understand autism

Sometimes it is hard to understand how someone may be feeling if they have autism, or if you as a parent or carer are unsure if they have autism. Here are a few videos from a child's perspective to help you:

  • "My autism and me" a BBC video, where 13 year old Rosie takes viewers into her world to explain what it's like to grow up with autism.
  • "Can you watch to the end?" a National Autistic Society video which explains how some autistic children may see and hear the world.

Studies of autism in Kent

In 2019, Healthwatch spoke with families accessing support for their children who may be autistic to explore the issues they face. As a result of this they have recommended a number of actions supporting schools, families and professionals. Read the full report.

Request a diagnosis

Requesting a formal autism diagnosis can mean that your child can access the right support, alongside a clearer explanation as to why certain things are so difficult.

We recommend that while you wait for your diagnosis, you contact any of the support organisations to help support you and your child at home.

Find out how to request a diagnosis.