Bus travel back to school guidance - video transcript

We know that there is a lot of concern about what bus travel might look like when traveling to school due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This video has been designed to help young people understand what a typical journey may look like.

It explains the new rules, and how you can use the bus safely when you return to school.

Kent's bus companies are doing all they can to make it as safe as possible for you to travel by bus.

Don't worry all school buses will be running, but you will notice some important changes.

Bus companies are doing more deep cleaning as part of their daily routines.

All surfaces that people are likely to touch are regularly wiped down and disinfected.

Windows will be kept open to keep air moving through the bus.

Bus drivers will either be behind a screen, or wearing a face covering.

When you get on the bus, you'll see signs to help you know where you can sit: You won't be allowed to stand in the aisles.

Fewer passengers than usual will be allowed on buses to keep to social distancing rules, but we are expecting fewer people to be travelling by bus than we would normally see.

We're working with bus companies to make sure there will be enough buses running to get you to school.

We're working to keep you as safe as possible but we need your help too.

Before travelling, plan your journey. Check the Kent Connected app or your local bus company app or website before you travel to make sure there are no changes to the service.

Consider using alternative bus stops which may not be as busy as your usual one.

Be aware of those around you at the bus stop and when boarding. Let others off the bus first before getting on one at a time.

Please wash and sanitize your hands before and after travelling.

When on the bus wear a face covering.

Where possible use contactless payment.

Pay attention to all announcements and notices on the bus and follow social distancing.

When leaving the bus wait until it has stopped before getting up to avoid queuing, and once outside be aware of your surroundings; be careful if crossing the road and be alert for other traffic.

Things may feel a little different at the moment but your safety is important.

Kent County Council and bus companies are doing what they can to make sure you can travel with confidence.