Compensation for 2019/2020 KCC Travel Saver

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We have been carefully considering the best way to make sure more than 20,000 parents are fairly compensated for the months that their child has not been able to use their pass as a result of the partial closure of schools.

The situation is complex because of the nature of how we subsidise the scheme and how people choose to pay for their pass. Consistent with Government advice, we are also continuing to pay bus operators to protect future services, meaning our costs to provide this scheme have not reduced.

Given the current circumstances, we think it is only fair to provide some form of compensation as a gesture of goodwill for the missed benefit of not being able to use the Travel Saver.

We will refund you in the following ways:

  • If you paid by instalment you would have had an outstanding amount left to pay by 28 March, which at the time was not collected from your account. Now as a way of compensation and as a gesture of goodwill we have decided to cancel the instalment altogether and will not be seeking to collect this money from you.
  • If you paid in full we will compensate you to an amount that equates to the most common highest value of the final payment that parents who paid by instalment would have paid:
    • For parents who paid £350 for their pass, this means you will receive £50 compensation (most of the final instalments for parents paying by direct debit were up to this amount).
    • For parents who paid £100 because they were eligible for a reduced cost pass, you will receive £15 compensation (most of the final instalments for parents eligible for a reduce cost pass paying by direct debit were up to this amount).

How we will process reimbursements

Payments will be processed via your original payment option.

  • If you paid by card, we will provide the compensation amount to that card.
  • If you paid by cheque, we will be in contact to get your bank details.
  • If you paid by direct debit, we will not seek to take the final amounts owed as explained above.

We have more than 25,000 records to reconcile and more than 10,000 payments to process which will take some time to do, but we hope to complete this within the next 6 to 8 weeks. Please do not contact us during this period as we will not be able to provide any further information or process payments any quicker. We do appreciate your continued patience.

Your current pass

Please keep your current Travel Saver pass because it is still valid for the rest of this school year. We do not need them to process payments.

What to do if you have a complex enquiry

If you have a more detailed enquiry about your particular situation then please contact us by email Our staff are working with restricted capacities due to the current situation and are prioritising processing compensation payments to parents, as well as applications for the new school year but will respond as quickly as possible.

If you wish to make a complaint then please use our formal complaints process. It is important that you put any complaints in writing as the staff that you can speak to will not be able to change the approach agreed.