Social activities for the Deaf community

B.S.L Community is a deaf-led organisation that specialises in supporting Deaf individuals in Kent. They provide one-to-one support workers to empower Deaf people to gain independence and life skills. Their support workers are Deaf role models with British Sign Language (BSL) fluency. They also host social groups and events;  Deaf Together for Deaf adults and families, and Deaf Youth for young people between 14 and 25 years old. They use funding, including that from Reconnect, plus any profits to reinvest into the community through exciting activities, meetups, and regular casual sessions.

B.S.L Community recently hosted a trip to the cinema to watch a subtitled screening of Sonic 2, followed by a trip to McDonalds to socialise and chat. 70 people booked tickets in total, including 5 new families, which was a great turnout! They all missed socialising during the pandemic and agreed it was great to see such a large crowd enjoying each others company.

This has been fantastic! Finally, something for us Deaf people.

It has been a great opportunity to meet other families like us.

They have also hosted events like the Ninja Warrior event in preparation for the 5k inflatable fun run at Brands Hatch.