Free summer bus passes

For 2 years in a row, Kent's bus companies have offered free travel to young people and families during the summer holidays. The passes meant that young people and families could travel to meet their friends and attend clubs which they may have otherwise been able to access. During the summer over 32,000 passes were downloaded.

“Fantastic idea and my daughters are using it lots to explore other Kent towns that they wouldn’t normally go to. Thank you!”

“It’s like you’ve given me winning lottery tickets, we can do so much more over the summer now as even a bus journey is fun for kids!”

“I am utterly delighted to hear that there will be free bus passes issued over the summer! My two children used them last year and it gave them the freedom to go out and about – a much needed event after COVID lockdowns. Thank you so much for offering this to our young people, it is so much appreciated.”

“Can’t thank you enough for this amazing facility.”