Encouraging young people to earn, save and learn

MyPocketSkill is an award-winning UK technology company that helps young people to ‘earn, save, and learn’ about money. The platform connects young people to skills-building and money-earning opportunities with households and businesses, and supports savings goals using behavioural science-backed nudges.

With support from Reconnect, MyPocketSkill is helping to connect young people (aged 13 to 21) with households and businesses in 3 different ways:

  1. Digital Teens – connecting teens with businesses who need help with digital tasks such as social media management, graphic design, content creation, photography, and website creation.
  2. Teen Tutors – connecting teens with households who need coaching for their children. Teen Tutors can tutor in both academic subjects, music coaching, or in things like chess and coding.
  3. Teen Sitters – Teens are also able to do babysitting tasks in their local area on weekends or during school holidays.

To sign up, visit the MyPocketSkill website.

Success so far

So far:

  • over 300 businesses and households have signed up, providing earning opportunities for young people
  • over 500 young people have signed up to promote their skills and seek paid work.