Future radio stars

In Summer 2021, Academy FM Folkestone received £4,982 Reconnect funding.

The funding was provided to set up a new project to support children with different abilities and backgrounds, who missed time and peer engagement at school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who attended took part in a series of radio drama sessions to spark encouragement, confidence and creativity. As a result, they could express themselves and record simple dramatic scripts in the radio studios.

Fifty students took part from three schools in Folkestone:

  • Martello Primary School
  • Folkestone Primary
  • Folkestone Academy.

Their success lead to new additional sessions at Morehall School in Folkestone, which Academy FM funded internally.

Students performed across different settings and studios, giving them the opportunity to learn about different special effects and lighting. They were also able to attend regular playback sessions, which allowed them to receive positive and constructive feedback to boost their confidence and skills.

The dramatic scripts were created by the project leaders, who supported children in learning their lines across all abilities and helped them to practice repeatedly. Folkestone Academy, in consultation with their creative arts department, chose to record an act of Shakespeare’s classic ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Listen to the recorded dramas

Thank you again for the entire project and for seeing how excited they were when they heard the end product!

Future stars in the making

Following on from the sessions, we had some brilliant feedback from those who attended:

  • 100% enjoyed doing the radio activities
  • 97% had learned new skills
  • 95% would like to do similar activities as a regular thing
  • 89% said it had improved their confidence after the pandemic
  • 89% would like more opportunities to do radio drama or presenting
  • 84% said that the sessions have helped them to speak more confidently
  • 66% thought that the radio activities helped them enjoy school and learn more.

A special thank you

Thank you to:

  • Sadie Hurley (Jim Jam Arts)
  • David Sharp (Academy FM Folkestone)
  • Lucy Thompson (freelance drama practitioner)
  • Kathrine Castle (an experienced teaching assistant with a BA in drama who currently works for Academy FM).