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Sixth forms and colleges

To search and apply for courses you can visit the KentChoices website below:

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Not sure that sixth form or college is for you?
You need to be in education or training until you're 18, but it doesn't have to be school or college. There are other options that might suit your plans for your future better.

If you are in year 11 in a Kent school you will receive login details in November. If you have not received them please ask your school - do not self-register. If you have forgotten your login or are having problems, please ask your school for help or email us at

If you are in year 11 at an independent school or a school outside Kent or if you are not in year 11: you can self-register directly on the KentChoices website.

If you are not in Year 11: you can still use the KentChoices website to research courses available in Kent without needing to log in.

Most schools are open for applications from 1 October 2019 but it can vary from school to school.

Different schools also have different deadlines for getting applications in.

To check when you can start applying, and when you need to submit your application, check your school's open days and application dates.

You also need to have accepted your offers and put them in order of preference by the end of March 2020.

If you're not happy with your choice after you've applied, you can switch during the year and you'll still get funding. For example, if you have started studying and decide you'd rather do an apprenticeship.

The KentChoices Support Team can help if you're having problems with the site, please email