Your year ahead

Take a look at the year ahead to see what you need to do and when.

What to do over the summer term and holidays

  • look into volunteering opportunities or work experience over the summer holidays
  • wait for your exam or interview results
  • contact school/college/training provider who offered you a place.  They may still accept you or have an alternative.
  • talk to your school - they have a duty to advise you.
  • talk to the Early Help team at your local youth hub.
  • do not do nothing - the quicker you act the more likely you are to get something you want.

If you don’t like the school/college/training provider in September

  • do not leave - this will affect any benefits your family is claiming and many people find it hard to get help on their own. Always have something to go to before leaving.
  • go to the school/ college/ training provider and explain your situation. They will help you find the best course for you.
  • if you are struggling with what you are doing talk to the school/ college/ training provider. Most organisations have specialists who can help.
  • talk to the Early Help team at your local youth hub.

You need help or something to do over the summer

  • talking to someone and staying busy over the summer will help you to start school/college/training provider in September. Early Help have a range of activities on offer and staff who can help.  You can find them at your local youth hub.
  • consider signing up for the National Citizenship Service, this will help you succeed post 16 and will make you more employable.

Local services for support

For further support and guidance, contact one of the below: