Support for pre-school children with SEND

We can visit your child in your home if they:

  • have additional needs or disabilities - this service is called Portage
  • are deaf, blind or deafblind.

Portage is an educational service for pre-school children with special educational needs and disabilities, offering bespoke packages of intervention to support a child’s development who:

  • are aged 0 to 5 years old
  • have complex needs
  • are delayed in at least 2 areas of development.

Portage Practitioners work in partnership with families, recognising that parents are the best people to teach their child. Parental involvement is essential in both the planning and delivery of activities to support the child's learning and develop their:

  • communication and language
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • physical development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive art and design skills.

At Portage we:

  • offer support and advice, either through regular Portage preschool learning groups or home learning sessions
  • develop ideas which grow from a shared knowledge of your child’s development
  • break down activities into small steps to ensure the child’s learning is successful
  • assess, monitor and record the child’s progress
  • work in conjunction with other agencies
  • help the transition and provide support into early years provisions.

We are registered with the National Portage Association, who have useful information for parents about Portage.

To find out if we can support you and your child, call 03000 41 77 04 or email

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Specialist teachers can visit your home if you have a pre-school child who is deaf, blind or deafblind.

We may visit your child a few hours a week to help them with communication, sensory play, getting around independently and more. We can also provide equipment for your child such as long canes.

Contact us to arrange a visit:

Hearing impairment

West and North Kent - call 07920 58 54 33 or email

East and South Kent - call 07825 38 01 52 or email

Visual impairment

Call 07795 15 13 64 or email

Multi sensory impairment and deafblindness

Call 07825 013362 or email

If your child is at a state special school, the sensory link professional there should contact us to discuss support, or find out more information about the team.

Teaching is run by our Specialist Teaching and Learning Service.