SmarterPlay app

SmarterPlay is a free app that we have created to give families in Kent access to ideas, resources and locations to explore with their children.

The app allows families to:

  • find fun ideas and activities to promote early learning
  • view useful information on learning development websites
  • capture and annotate special moments and significant learning journeys
  • find family friendly places such as parks, children's centres, zoos, childcare, schools, libraries and farms
  • read information on local early years providers and schools, including links to Ofsted inspection reports.

We are in the process of rebuilding the SmarterPlay app and therefore it is currently unavailable to download. But in the meantime we are looking to extend its functionality to include families with children of 0 to 18 years and to bring this up to date with new technology.

We would like to hear from you, what you would like to see in our newly developed SmarterPlay app.

Please complete our short survey to let us know.