Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Service tender information

Provide services as a delivery partner to the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

A delivery partner will form part of the overall supply chain and delivery network and deliver services to Kent residents. A delivery partner can indicate which lot, location and type of services they are able to provide and will need to work with the strategic partner to agree their roles in the delivery of outcomes identified within the contract.

The strategic partner is responsible for the delivery of the whole Community Mental Health and Wellbeing service through the implementation and development of a sustainable delivery network.


If you would like your organisation to network with strategic partners, please complete the following documents:

Please send your completed documents to

Read the SS1420 Community, Mental Health and Wellbeing service outcomes (PDF, 100.3 KB) and Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Service delivery network specification (PDF, 1.0 MB).

Please ensure you read through these documents thoroughly to give you a full background to this opportunity.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email

Expressing an interest in delivering services does not guarantee selection in becoming part of the delivery network for each lot.

If you have previously completed your registration form and matrix you do not have to start this again, this is for those organisations that have not yet completed the registration and now want to express an interest in becoming a delivery partner by aligning themselves with a strategic partner.

The matrix will be updated and released regularly.