The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) finds and funds exploitable innovation to support UK defence and security quickly and effectively, and to support UK prosperity. Its vision is for the UK to maintain its strategic advantage over its adversaries through the most innovative defence and security capabilities in the world. DASA is a cross-Government organisation, launched in December 2016 by the Secretary of State for Defence.

To help UK defence and security maintain strategic advantage over its adversaries DASA aims to:

  • build an innovation network of government, private sector, academic and individual members for defence and security, including those who have never worked with us before.
  • understand the requirements of defence and security stakeholders and help them scout out, develop and exploit innovative ideas, inform decision making and find potential solutions to their challenges.
  • find, fund and support industry, embracing small and medium-sized enterprises and academia to develop their innovative ideas into exploitable products and services for defence and security customers.
  • experiment with novel methodology and innovative approaches to facilitate delivery of the best solutions.


For more information or to apply, visit the DASA website.

Case studies

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