Civil partnerships

Ceremonies are currently permitted but with restricted guest numbers.

For more information please visit the Kentish Ceremonies website.

If you and your partner would like to formalise and celebrate your relationship you can register a civil partnership. We can also help you arrange an optional civil partnership ceremony to celebrate the day.

Give notice of your civil partnership

Before you can register your civil partnership, it is a legal requirement that you give notice of your civil partnership at your local register office.

Contact your local register office to book an appointment to give notice.

Register a civil partnership

In Kent and Bexley, a civil partnership can only be registered by a civil partnership registrar appointed by us.

You have the option to register your civil partnership at one of our register offices or licensed venues across Kent.

Both partners will sign the registration document in the presence of 2 witnesses and the registrar.

Contact your local ceremonies team to arrange a registration.

Civil partnership ceremony

We can help you create a special ceremony to celebrate your civil partnership.

Visit A Kentish Ceremony website for information about civil partnership ceremonies, booking a venue and suppliers.


Fees are payable for:

  • notice of partnership
  • attendance of registration staff at the ceremony (including a non-refundable booking confirmation fee to guarantee your chosen date and time)
  • a rehearsal or pre-partnership meeting (optional)
  • civil partnership certificate(s).

View the fees and terms and conditions for civil partnership registrations and ceremonies.

Convert your civil partnership into a marriage

You can also convert your existing civil partnership into a marriage.