UK Youth Parliament representatives for Kent

Each year the Kent Youth County Council elects 7 Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) who represent Kent nationally at UK Youth Parliament events.

Elected members

This year's elected members are:

  • Alex McGovern - Ashford
  • Alice Breiner - Swale
  • Holly Leggett - Dover
  • Kyle Siwek - Maidstone
  • Lawrence Coomber - Canterbury
  • Lydia Nottingham – Thanet
  • Poppy Mansfield Jones - Canterbury
Members of UK Youth Parliament for 2019

KYCC members 2018 (left to right):

Lawrence Coomber, Holly Leggett, Poppy Mansfield Jones, Alex McGovern, Kyle Siwek, Alice Breiner, Lydia Nottingham

Deputy members

This year's elected deputy members are:

  • Elliot Padfield - Maidstone
  • Gabby Stere - Gravesham
  • Shannon Birch - Swale
  • Will Phillips - Maidstone
  • Zara Kumbasaroglu - Thanet
Deputy members of Kent Youth County Council for 2019

KYCC deputies 2018 (left to right):

Gabby Stere, Zara Kumbasaroglu, Will Phillips, Elliot Padfield, Shannon Birch