Members 2019 - Kent Youth County Council

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.

To stand for election as a member of KYCC, you have to:

  • be 11-18 years old
  • live, go to school or work in Kent
  • tell us what you want to campaign on and why people should vote for you.

You'll need to come to at least 10 meetings per year.

See the Kent Youth County Council Elections Results Summary 2017 (PDF, 606.6 KB)

KYCC district and community members 2019


I will tackle cyber bullying and violent crime to create a safer society, as well as getting Votes at 16 to make sure we are listened to.


I want to help others and give young people a voice. I want to stand up for others and raise awareness about anxiety and bullying.


I aim to bring real change to Kent's young people with campaigns to ensure they are taught skills to prepare them for life outside school.


I am experienced in both fields of campaigning and public speaking. I have been elected for my school council for 2 years running and have positively changed the perspectives of the local community.


I believe in empowering the youth voice and ensuring their voices are heard. I want to strengthen relationships in the community for youth.


I vow to help make Ashford a better place for young people by cleaning up the area and helping disabled people live more independently.


I am a fellow student who understands the problems you are going through and your fears, from exams to homework to your friends.


I want people to vote for me because I believe I can help others with problems and make problems in Kent better to make people happy.


I have a talent for debate. I am confident and determined. I’d like to see changes in people’s lives and know that they are happy.


It will be a good opportunity to voice mine and other people's opinions.


I will ensure change for the issues that matter to you. Get in contact with me and your voice will be heard.


I intend to make changes in schools across the district and the county that will improve mental health and LGBTQ+ relations in schools.


I believe that I can make positive changes to young people's lives in Kent because I am aware of and affected by the same problems.


I would change the difficulty for money from the younger generation especially for buying food and transport costs which affects lifestyle.


I would like to become a direct link between young people and councils and people who can make change happen, forwarding any issues raised.


I love politics, am a great public speaker and I'm a hard worker.


I believe that young voices are the most impactful in our ever-changing society and that I have a voice that should be heard.


I want transport fares to become cheaper in Gravesham; it is not fair for youths to pay adult fare before 9am.


I want to help and get involved and care for the community as much as I can. Also to help people with any issues that they may have.


I want young people in Dartford to have a voice and be heard about issues that affect them and I can do that.


I will represent the wishes of the local district, and bring to prominence the issues that really matter to create the best opportunities.


When there is a halt in societal progress, I believe that we should recognise that true and long lasting change starts with our youth.


After being a KYCC rep for the last year, I think I have the knowledge and experience to keep the voices of Dartford's young people being heard.


I have been a KYCC member for the last 2 years and I'd love to do it again and make more of a difference.


I am a trustworthy candidate who cares about making Dover a better place for young people.


I am kind and helpful and I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and live life to the limit.


I will try to stop bullying and try to make school a happier place for children and try to encourage people to be the best they can be.


I think there should be more to do for younger children and more places to go to.


I believe that more funding should be put towards teenage and adolescent mental health - within school and in general.


I have already been a member of KYCC for 2 years. I understand the amazing work I can do as part of it and I want to continue this work.


I will make a difference to the world and I think everyone should be treated the same. I will fight for the interests for young people.


I will be a good help to the community and I love helping charity. I will also make a difference to young people in Kent.


I want you to vote for me because I will be hardworking and try my hardest. I will listen to everyone's opinions and give feedback.


I believe that young people are underrepresented both politically and socially and want to improve Kent for everybody, for the long term.


I want to continue the important work that I have already done in the county with the Transport Campaign and the 'Curriculum for life' Campaign.


I think young people are underrepresented and I want to improve services available to us, as we are just as important as adults in society.


I commit to securing jobs for young people all over the county, building youth political participation, and building a curriculum for life.


I want to make my school and the world a better place. I would love to have this opportunity.


I want to make a difference and I will fight for my views and opinions until it becomes a reality.


I actually want to make a difference and it will benefit you more than anyone. It’s the world you are growing up in.


I am reliable and I will think through every decision I make to help out as many people as is possible. I can give my opinion and persuade others effectively and quickly.


I am not afraid to speak and would represent my district with pride. I am a good listener. I get things done to the best of my ability.


I represent the opinions and views of young people in Kent.


I'd like to campaign for 16 year olds to have the right to vote, to increase the political interest of Kent's youth.


I have been in a position of power for more than 2 years and I am on my 3rd, so I have experience and I know what I am doing. I feel like I am ready to take the next step and I have a lot of issues I would like to discuss.


I want to be the voice of the younger generation, and I believe that if we work together on these issues we can have a better tomorrow.


I want to encourage all young people to use their voices in order to create a freer, fairer society for us as young people.


I know that another year of KYCC will benefit not only me but the community of Kent. I will be able to stand for issues that are affecting our society.


I am compassionate. My main concern is the wellbeing of those in my community, especially young people. I want to make change in Kent.


I have already been at KYCC for a year and would like to continue working to support young people, listening to your ideas to make changes.


I genuinely care about my community and would like the opportunity to make improvements that the local people want.


I would like to help people who are homeless and people who suffer from mental health issues. I would like to reduce night crimes, especially by teenagers.


I actually care. You don't have to do much, I will do it for you. You can count on me to get your opinions heard.


I want to improve support and education for young people to prepare them for adult life and improve their overall wellbeing.


I've completed 2 years at KYCC and would love to continue my work. You can guarantee I'll be a reliable, dedicated representative!


I believe in the future of young people in Kent.


I am a young person with ASD, who already represents Thanet in the KYCC, and I would very much like the chance to continue my work.


I hope to increase the quality of life for young people across Kent through my campaigns and make sure everyone's ideas are heard.


I would like to stand for this election, to help improve Thanet in a way that young people can progress in life and education.


I will bring about change in a time where change is needed, in areas such as harassment and bullying, mental illness, and curriculum for life.


I care deeply about young people and the community. I have family experience of mental health, autism and young carers and I am home educated.


I am passionate about seeing young people do things that will make their lives better.


I want to help people coming from other countries not to be scared of change. To help them with language, writing, inclusion and confidence.


I am passionate about making Kent a safer place for all young people, regardless of their backgrounds.


I am a young refugee. The refugee issue is so important to me. I would like to be a voice for them and bring the positive changes.


I want to give people a voice. I know that sometimes people can be looked down upon because of their backgrounds but I will hear your voice.


I want to represent young people with special needs.


I would like to be an LGBTQ+ representative for Kent as I am a trans male who understands the struggle of being trans at a young age.


I feel passionate about raising the awareness of young carers and people who are like me and care for a family member to improve support.


I am disabled and I want everyone to come together to improve access to transport and facilities for disabled people.


I want to stand up for all black youths because I'm black myself and I've been called negative words that have affected my life.


I want to make our community a more accepting place, and for children and teens to feel accepted by their community. Our community should be fun.


I will make a difference to the world and help people in need. I will be willing to do anything.


I feel that everyone should be treated equally no matter their skin colour, age, sexuality or any difference.