Members 2019 - Kent Youth County Council

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.

To stand for election as a member of KYCC, you have to:

  • be 11-18 years old
  • live, go to school or work in Kent
  • tell us what you want to campaign on and why people should vote for you.

You'll need to come to at least 10 meetings per year.

See the Kent Youth County Council Elections Results Summary 2018 (PDF, 653.6 KB)

KYCC district and community members 2019


I hope to achieve greater rights for young people so that we enter adulthood prepared for life ahead. We should not be ignored any longer about issues that will affect our future.


I hope to get your voice heard and allow what you say to happen in the best way possible.


I aim to bring real change to Kent's young people with campaigns to ensure they are taught skills to prepare them for life outside school.


I am experienced in both fields of campaigning and public speaking. I have been elected for my school council for 2 years running and have positively changed the perspectives of the local community.


I have been working hard within KYCC for the past 3 years and look forward to representing the young people in Kent for my 4th and final year.


I'd hope to be elected chair or vice chair again and id like to get involved more with the older KYCC members.


During my time as a member of KYCC I would love to see a change in people's lives. I hope I will be able to at least change a group of peoples lives. I have a passion for debating which I think will help me in my role. I hope that my talents and passion can help me in my role within KYCC.


This year I hope to get the anti-bullying posters, booklets and short film done and to get transport to be more frequent than it is at the moment, especially in difficult areas of travel.


Giving students the opportunities to get work experience, get more contacts and gain life experience to help them be more competitive when applying for universities and jobs.


I hope to continue my work in anti-bullying and equality helping young people like me to have an open and inclusive mindset and not to be restricted from being themselves.


During my time at KYCC I hope to accomplish what I set out in my manifesto. I think the issue that needs most attention is mental health. With a long waiting list to get the support to those who need it. I hope that KYCC can rally behind my idea that more teachers are trained in counselling for young people.


I hope to provide a better forum for the youth issues and problems to be solved and/ or expressed. I want to facilitate better mental health transportation and mental health resources guidance and help.


Statement will be online shortly.


I would like to improve public transport and make GCSE's open book, relaxing some of the pressure on young people.


As a KYCC deputy member id like to help young people across Kent, especially in the Canterbury district I want to improve mental health facilities for young people.


I believe that I can make positive changes to young people's lives in Kent because I am aware of and affected by the same problems.


I want to expand my knowledge of politics and get some experience on real life governing bodies and get to know new people from all over Kent.


I love politics, am a great public speaker and I'm a hard worker.


I am a proactive passionate young person who would like to improve the mental health and well being for young people.


I would like to work with transport companies and compromise on ideas to reduce fares. I also want to promote an awareness about mental health and the Grand in Gravesham.

Gabby (Gabriela)

I hope to be an active member of the KYCC team and develop as an individual as I embark on this new experience.


I want to be part of the anti-bullying campaign and I want to try and stamp out homophobic abuse. I know that I will not be able to put a full stop to this, but I want to be part of reducing it. I really want to reduce the use of bad language in schools because I hear it all the time.


I will look to progress the issues that matter to young people across the country and bring about change. In particular I will look to work on youth participation in politics, so people are better informed on how to shape their future.


I am part of KYCC because I think I could make a change to a lot of things that go on in the world. I have chosen mental health as my campaign group which I think has an impact on a lot of people and I want to make changes to.

Shoni (Shoniwa)

I hope as a KYCC member I can help improve mental health and curriculum for life across Kent I would like to create an environment that people will like.


I hope to make life easier for young people and be able to communicate sensible views. I hope to eventually be Prime Minister and make the whole country a better place to live.


I am kind and helpful and I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and live life to the limit.


I will try to stop bullying and try to make school a happier place for children and try to encourage people to be the best they can be.


I think there should be more to do for younger children and more places to go to.


I would love to show the young people of Dover the impact that their words can have and relay them to KYCC.


I have already been a member of KYCC for 2 years. I understand the amazing work I can do as part of it and I want to continue this work.


I will make a difference to the world and I think everyone should be treated the same. I will fight for the interests for young people.


I will be a good help to the community and I love helping charity. I will also make a difference to young people in Kent.


I hope to make a positive impact and be able to represent everyone/ anyone who needs/ wants something to be raised. I commit to getting disabled youths better accessibility for transport and ensure everyone has a safe experience online. As well as this I will work towards getting youth hubs to have greater promotion and improvements.


As a member of KYCC I pledge to represent the best interests of young people in Kent. I will continue to campaign for stronger political awareness and participation for young people.

I believe that everyone has the right to be heard. I believe that we as young people deserve a variety of modern sport and leisure facilities. I will work to establish these facilities. I aim to work to reduce violent crime and anti-social behaviour in Kent as this troubles many of us. I will be working hard throughout the year to serve the young people of Kent.


I want to continue the important work that I have already done in the county with the Transport Campaign and the 'Curriculum for life' Campaign.


I want everyone to come together to improve access to transport and facilities for disabled people.


As a member of KYCC I commit to getting better access for young people to get jobs, improving youth political participation across the county and building an effective curriculum for life.


I want to make my school and the world a better place. I would love to have this opportunity.


I want to make a difference and I will fight for my views and opinions until it becomes a reality.


I hope to continue my work in the mental health campaign producing resources to help educate the young people and teachers of Kent about mental health. To help young people who struggle with poor mental health can have a better support system and less of a stigma against them.


I hope to achieve my goal as making the cost of public transport tickets for 16-18 years the same as children. I also want to help make Kent a better place to live.


I actually want to make a difference and it will benefit you more than anyone. It’s the world you are growing up in.


I am reliable and I will think through every decision I make to help out as many people as is possible. I can give my opinion and persuade others effectively and quickly.


I am not afraid to speak and would represent my district with pride. I am a good listener. I get things done to the best of my ability.


I will endeavour to bolster support for a push to promote wider political engagement and participation of young people in Kent, and in doing so solve the participation crisis in the UK.

Lulu (Lucinda)

I hope to gain confidence in leadership roles and to help to develop my communication skills. I also hope to raise the political awareness of Kent's young people.


As a KYCC member I hope to be able to voice all concerns of young people in my district, be available to talk to anyone who needs to talk and make a change in Kent to better suit young people. I also hope to build up my social and speaking skills to benefit me so I can be of better help to young people.


I want to be the voice of the younger generation, and I believe that if we work together on these issues we can have a better tomorrow.


During my time in KYCC I will aim to help you give a voice and make a difference. My main aim for the year are to make resource packs to help schools reduce bullying. I also want to improve public transport in Kent.


I have excellent leadership skills and i am also a very good team worker. I also believe that i have a lot to bring to the panel.


I hope to continue working with curriculum for life and contribute further to group discussions and debates than I have in the past year.


I hope to resolve issues with anti-bullying as I am extremely passionate about this topic, and also hope to resolve issues with equality especially racism.


I will encourage young people in Kent and Swale to use their voices to make change. I will also campaign for mental health and terrorism awareness while also battling to get voting rights for 16 and 17 year olds.


As a member I hope to continue to push forward curriculum for life. I want to ensure students are better prepared for their future. I also want to encourage change for the better in all of this years topics. Making Kent better is my main goal for this year and the next.


As a KYCC member I hope to help people as much as I can, especially young people in Swale.


I would like to continue my work within the campaign group and interest groups and get to know new members and deputies.


I hope to make a change to Kent that is positive for all young people and help young people feel safer and enjoy everything in life.


I would like to help people who are homeless and people who suffer from mental health issues. I would like to reduce night crimes, especially by teenagers.


I hope that I can improve the country for young people with what I believe in. Success is good and I am always looking for ways in which we can change and grow.


As a deputy KYCC member I want to improve the support and facilities provided to young people and their families.


I would like to encourage others to get involved in voting as young as possible so they can have their opinion stated.


2019 marks my 3rd year as a KYCC member for Thanet. This year i'm going to be working in the curriculum for life campaign group to get better PSHE provisions in our schools. KYCC is something i'm really passionate about and I will endeavour to represent you at every meeting this year.


In my second year with the KYCC I would like to continue my work in representing the young people of Thanet and Kent.


I would like to be a proactive and energetic member by supporting any campaign. I also hope to represent the young people of Thanet and make sure their voices are heard.


I want to make a change for people who suffer from stigmas because they are LGBTQA minority groups or people who suffer from mental illness.


I hope to gain experience in a political environment and project young people's voices so that they can be heard. I also hope to grow as a person and become a more confident and efficient representative.


I care deeply about young people and the community. I have family experience of mental health, autism and young carers and I am home educated.


I am passionate about seeing young people do things that will make their lives better.


I hope to help Kent's young people with anti-bullying campaign and also to help the young people from other countries with their language, writing and confidence. The way I want to do this is by making anti-bullying and national courses held in youth hubs.


As a 2nd year member this year I hope to improve proficiency in the curriculum for life campaign group and to help a lot more within the environment projects.


Having cerebral palsy has provided me with first hand experience of life as a teenager with a disability. Let's educate Maidstone together!


I am standing for equal rights among everyone, tackling the negative stigma around mental health and aid the youth of Kent. I would also like to be a link between Kent Police and KYCC to fight against youth crime.


I will fight for the rights of everyone getting their points and views across effectively and helping those in need.

Mikey (Michael)

I hope that I can make Kent a more peaceful place, with a reduction of bullying and make the environment much cleaner. I would also like people to accept the LGBT community and the fact that everyone is different.


I am disabled and I want everyone to come together to improve access to transport and facilities for disabled people.


I want to make our community a more accepting place, and for children and teens to feel accepted by their community. Our community should be fun.


I will make a difference to the world and help people in need. I will be willing to do anything.