Thanet KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

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I want to let the young people in Thanet know that they are safe whether they are at school or at home and they should get a say.

Issue 1: young people should be safe at school

I would like to campaign for young people to feel safe when they are at school, because quite a few schools say "We don't have bullying in our school" when actually even schools in Thanet have at least one type of bullying in their school. Young people need to know that they are safe when they are at school and they have people to talk to such as teachers or friends.

Issue 2: young people should feel safe at home

I would like to campaign for young people to feel safe when they are at home because young people say that they don't feel safe at home because either their parents have split up or their parents are arguing but every family has their problems - not everyone's families are perfect.

Issue 3: young people should have a voice

I would like to campaign for young people to have a voice because teachers and parents think that they can tells us what to think. Well I think that us young people should have a say about what we think and not let the parents or teachers choose what we think for once.

I actually care. You don't have to do much, I will do it for you. You can count on me to get your opinions heard.

Issue 1: save our schools

Schools have had their funding slashed gradually over the last 8 years, resulting in subject cuts, fewer teachers and fewer GCSE/A level option choices. I would like to raise awareness of this issue from the student's perspective and show how it has been affecting their learning in order to help secure higher funding levels for schools in the future.

Issue 2: anti-bullying

You know what bullying is. More importantly it doesn't go away no matter what you do. However that doesn't mean we can't try to reduce it. I would like to use the schools that have tackled bullying most successfully to promote and teach the other schools their methods on how to tackle this difficult topic. This way the reduced bullying would spread to the other schools, so there could be consistent low amounts of bullying across the region.

Issue 3: help mental health

There are way too many pressures put on young people in modern day society. These pressures are the main causes of stress and anxiety. The best way we can reduce the amount of mental illness is by reducing these pressures or at least making these pressures less of a big deal or raising awareness of strategies to overcome poor mental health.

Ethan's statement

I want to improve support and education for young people to prepare them for adult life and improve their overall wellbeing.

Issue 1: providing free support with mental health to all young people

The number of young teens with mental health issues is increasing, but often when they are struggling they don't know what to do, or who to go to. They might be scared that people won't believe them. They may not even be aware they have a mental health issue. This is why there should be free, easy to access support for every young person, so they can feel able to talk freely about their problems and be listened to. As well as this, schools should educate teens on mental health.

Issue 2: providing a curriculum to prepare young people for life

Many young adults find themselves severely unprepared for challenges such as taxes, finding a job and voting. This can cause many people to become overwhelmed upon entering adult life. I believe that schools should provide kids with the information and education on important topics and life skills such as these, to better prepare them for life after education.

Issue 3: preventing and educating young people about racism, sexism and LGBTQ+ related discrimination

Education is the best way to prevent discrimination. If schools can teach people to respect and celebrate other's views and differences, the next and future generations of adults will grow up to be more tolerant. This can help to tackle all forms of discrimination, including bullying and even violence. This is why it is vital to provide lessons and resources in schools.

I want to help young people between the ages 11-18 feel as though they have a say in their future and help people cope with mental health.

Issue 1: mental health issues

Mental health is a huge problem with our generation. Many people who suffer with a mental health disorder either can't cope or don't know how to tell people that they are struggling. One of the biggest mental health problems is self harm and suicide. It is important for everyone to be taught the signs of mental health issues and to receive help no matter your age, religion, gender, sexuality or ethnicity. I believe that we need to join together and stop the suffering of those who it affects.

Issue 2: Votes at 16

I believe that votes at 16 is an important thing because even though you are under the age of 18 like me, it is important that you can influence the decision making that goes on in our society. After all, it is your lives that will be affected by this. I think we should be given the responsibility to change our lives for the better. We are given the responsibility of having children at 16 and looking after them so what makes us unable to vote and help influence our futures.

Issue 3: reducing the cost of public transport

I think public transport is hugely over priced. Even though there are reductions for children it still isn't cheap enough. Why do the prices change just because you travel at 8am rather than 11am? This makes no sense. Surely, you are traveling the same distance and not using anymore fuel than if you went at a different time. Many child age rates stop at 16 but many who are 16 are still in education and don't work, so where does this extra money come from to pay for adult fares?

Lucy's statement

I've completed 2 years at KYCC and would love to continue my work. You can guarantee I'll be a reliable, dedicated representative!

Issue 1: curriculum for life

I want to reach out to schools in the Thanet area with inadequate PSHE curricula, and provide them with the necessary resources to educate their pupils. I would also like to continue collecting signatures from headteachers and other educators of young people in support of the campaign, in order to support the cause of PSHE becoming a national mandatory subject. I hope to galvanise action and enthuse my fellow KYCC members to do likewise!

Issue 2: transport

I want there to be more provisions for people walking and cycling to school. This includes the installation of more points near schools where pedestrians can cross roads safely, places at school where people can store bikes securely, and greater promotion of these means of travel. I will also support the improvement of bus and train services for young people in Kent, especially ensuring access for young people who struggle financially.

Issue 3: health and welfare

As far as I know, this campaign does not currently exist. I want to campaign for schools to take steps towards improving the physical health of young people. I want every canteen to be stocked with affordable, healthy eating options, even for those with specific dietary needs. This campaign is linked to the transport campaign, and the steps I want to take towards more people walking and cycling to school. I want to raise awareness about the importance of looking after your body.

Lydia's statement

I would like to tackle many issues such as stereotyping, animal abuse awareness and more accessible reading for people who struggle with reading.

Issue 1: stereotyping

I would like school children to learn that stereotypes can be quite offensive, especially when it is used against groups of people as most stereotypes are outdated.

Issue 2: animal abuse awareness

I would like for children to learn about the signs that animals have been abused and to learn tools on how to prevent or report abuse to professionals to be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Issue 3: more accessible reading for school children

I would like schools to provide books that all people can read in a dyslexia friendly font so that everyone can read books. as well as this, I believe that all schools should have book clubs so that kids can get together and discuss their favourite books so they get a deeper understanding and they could possibly find a book that they have never heard of to read to broaden their vocabulary and reading interests.

I believe in the future of young people in Kent.

Issue 1: better schools

Tell the government we need more money.

Issue 2: sports

Campaign for better sports facilities.

Issue 3: better healthcare

Campaign to improve healthcare for young people.

I am a young person with ASD, who already represents Thanet in the KYCC, and I would very much like the chance to continue my work.

Issue 1: mental health provision for young people

As a person with ASD, and a student at a special school, I am all too aware of the lack of provision for young people's mental health in Kent. It's an issue where the KYCC can fight for real change. We need to discuss these issues openly and campaign for greater governmental action.

Issue 2: votes for 16 year-olds

I have been part of the KYCC's Youth Parliament special interest group, which has tried to persuade politicians from all parties to support this great cause. I believe that 16 year-olds represent the future and have the right to participate in the democratic process.

Issue 3: curriculum for life

This scheme is designed to help young people learn vital life skills that are not usually taught at school, including basic first aid, managing money and the workings of government. I would like to continue to lead the outreach programme of the campaign to spread the message further.

Ralph's statement

I hope to increase the quality of life for young people across Kent through my campaigns and make sure everyone's ideas are heard.

Issue 1: curriculum for life

There are many aspects and problems of life that teenagers face as they become adults. These include finance, relationships and politics. I would like to increase the resources available to young people that teach about these important topics.

Issue 2: cheaper public transport

Public transport is being encouraged everywhere and many of us use it, especially to and from school. However travel passes cost a lot and at the beginning of the academic year there are many other expenses such as school uniform. The total builds up, especially if you have siblings as well. I hope to reduce costs for travel passes and possibly further reductions if you have siblings.

Issue 3: anti-bullying

Bullying is often thought of as physically or emotionally injuring someone. However, today it can be in many other forms including cyber, verbal or racial. 50% of people under 25 get bullied and people who are bullied often go on to bully others. I would like to increase the awareness of the different forms of bullying and increase the support available for those who need it.

I would like to stand for this election, to help improve Thanet in a way that young people can progress in life and education.

Issue 1: to end period poverty

One way I would campaign to end period poverty is to create a sponsorship with local businesses where sanitary items are donated to school. This could be done with Always as they are striving to end period poverty which they are publicising through adverts. Another way to end period poverty is by having talks with the Government. Although periods are not a health condition, the NHS should provide free sanitary items so that not just school girls can get them but also women who can't afford them.

Issue 2: improve mental health

To improve mental health I would campaign by creating more of an awareness of mental health such as its causes and treatments. I would also reassure everyone that it is a normal thing and it is nothing to be ashamed of, as even today it is heavily stigmatised. I would also suggest for there to be more funding into mental health facilities such as NELFT, who specialise in helping young people with mental health problems and with more funding they will be able to reach more young people.

Issue 3: to add life skills to the education curriculum

As a student I have realised that there is little to no education on life skills, such as making a CV or how to pay bills. When we grow up we are going to need to know how to do such things as it is a part of everyday life. I suggest doing this by creating a booklet and workshops brought into schools so that students can learn these life skills. I would also suggest having these workshops done in assemblies or form times so that they do not disrupt learning.

Shannon's statement

I will bring about change in a time where change is needed, in areas such as harassment and bullying, mental illness, and curriculum for life.

Issue 1: sexual harassment and bullying within everyday school life

I would like to raise awareness of the common yet unacceptable harassment that goes on in everyday school life, and provide support and solutions to tackle this major issue that affects a large number of students like you and I. For example an introduction of, or stricter rules on, sexual harassment to tackle and reduce the frequency of it. Also educating young people more on the issue and who you can report it to would be beneficial so you don't feel left in the dark about it.

Issue 2: mental illness and support

Time and time again I hear students complaining about how schools aren't doing enough to tackle mental illness. I aim to change the way schools look at the issue by suggesting a more forward approach where young people aren't required to make the first step and come forward, as this can be very daunting and often puts you off talking to someone. It has been found that 64% of students who deal with mental health issues do not use any resources that schools have to offer. This needs to change.

Issue 3: school curriculum for life

A lot of things we learn in school are never needed again after GCSE level if the subject is not carried on. However, the information that would vastly help us in our future lives, for example, how to pay tax, how to vote and how to look after our emotional health, are not taught to us. I want to change this so that schools do teach vital life skills to students which would be a beneficial thing for everyone as young people won't have to learn these things too late.