Swale KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

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I want to encourage all young people to use their voices in order to create a freer, fairer society for us as young people.

Issue 1: mental health - stigma and discrimination

Mental health is a is a very large problem for us as young people. In a world of fear, terror and isolation, the problem just keeps getting worse. Most young people are not fully aware on mental health, how to report it and how to recognise if someone is experiencing this. From schools to social media, mental health is being made fun of and discriminated against and is not being reported. I want to encourage young people to speak up about their issues and help stop stigma and discrimination.

Issue 2: curriculum of life - terrorism awareness

Terrorism has taken over this country. It is separating communities and killing vulnerable, defenceless young people for being free. Terrorism is being seen as related to race and religion, which it is not. Some young people are not aware of the definition of terrorism, the fact it's nothing to do with race or religion, the effects of terrorism (politically and socially) and how to recognise and report extremism and radicalisation. In order to prevent terrorism, we need to be educated.

Issue 3: voting for 16+

Young people don't express our views enough in today's society. Therefore we should be able to to vote from the age of 16, to encourage this. If you can start a family at 16, why can't you vote? A vote will involve us more with ongoing situations the country is facing.

Jack's statement

I know that another year of KYCC will benefit not only me but the community of Kent. I will be able to stand for issues that are affecting our society.

Issue 1: curriculum for life

I would like to further push this topic and ensure that we are making a difference. I also want to make sure all students and young people know about curriculum for life and how to enforce it in their school.

Issue 2: homelessness

I would like to make sure that the homelessness percentages are declining and attempt to push them further down. I feel that homelessness is a serious issue - everyone needs a safe place to live.

Issue 3: mental health issues

As the figures for mental health problems are rapidly increasing we need to ensure that these people know who to contact and how, and who to talk to.

I am compassionate. My main concern is the wellbeing of those in my community, especially young people. I want to make change in Kent.

Issue 1: youth clubs and activities

It is proven that youth crime and anti-social behaviour is higher when there are no youth clubs available to teenagers. A lot of people can't afford to attend clubs run by private organisations as they often cost a lot of money. There are nowhere near enough clubs provided for us as they mainly revolve around sport. Some examples of what's needed are art and textiles projects, dance schools that don't cost a fortune and clubs that encourage education in a fun way.

Issue 2: mental health and wellbeing support

Everyone has mental health, wherever it is on the spectrum of stability. Once someone's mental health is identified as bad they receive support but many mental health problems are preventable. If there was somewhere to go where you were encouraged to speak freely about how you feel and it was easy for you to reach out for support, teens' wellbeing would be much more consistent. This could fit the format of a club or a workshop in the school environment over a period of time.

Issue 3: consent and how it is presented to youth in schools

Consent is often misunderstood by teens. It is a common misconception that consent only applies to girls and they are the only ones who need to give it. From my experience, and the experience of peers at other schools, consent is taught inadequately and this absolutely has to change in order for us to be fully aware of what we are doing. Schools are not expressing the severity, perhaps because they don't know how. Resources and outside help/training are all that's needed for them to understand.

Millie's statement

I have already been at KYCC for a year and would like to continue working to support young people, listening to your ideas to make changes.

Issue 1: mental health

Encourage young people to speak out and ask for help. I want to support those in need.

Issue 2: curriculum for life

Attempting to change education and make focus days more useful dependent on your age. For example, for older students, teaching them to do taxes and other essential life skills.

Issue 3: equality

Raising awareness on inequality and ways to discourage discrimination such as gender, race or disability.

I genuinely care about my community and would like the opportunity to make improvements that the local people want.

Issue 1: young carers

I would like to see a change in support for young carers in schools so they can go to clubs and not have to worry about their responsibilities at home. I also think they need to be recognised for the amazing work they do so that people can understand why they have to become young carers and the impact it has on their lives.

Issue 2: safer pavements and roads

Locally, I see a problem for people using wheelchairs, zimmer frames, mobility scooters, pushchairs and any other mobility aid. Kerbs on many busy roads are too high to get up and down safely and there are nowhere near enough drop kerbs which makes the shortest of journeys dangerous.

Issue 3: safer parks

Whilst I feel we have a number of good parks in our area, it is apparent that many people don’t feel safe using them. Anti-social behaviour makes peoples scared to use the parks, even during daylight. I think if there were more Police Community Support Officers patrolling and/or more CCTV cameras then people would feel safer and enjoy the parks we have.

Shannon's statement