Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

Read the Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells candidate manifestos.

I want to make my school and the world a better place. I would love to have this opportunity.

Issue 1: anti-bullying

I would like to stop bullying in this world.

Issue 2: improve public toilets

I would like to make public toilets cleaner.

Issue 3: recycling

I would like there to be more recycling so people throw away less rubbish.

I want to make a difference and I will fight for my views and opinions until it becomes a reality.

Issue 1: more money

I would like the age you work to be younger as people would get more work experience and youths would be able to be more independent. Youths would earn money by themselves which would give them a sense of value.

Issue 2: cheaper bus fares

I pay £25 every week for bus fares which totals up to £100 every month families could be saving that money for something more worthy.

I actually want to make a difference and it will benefit you more than anyone. It’s the world you are growing up in.

Issue 1: bus fares

I want children to be able to be classified as a child by the law and bus companies. I'm not an adult but I'm paying adult bus fares.

Issue 2: animals don’t want your rubbish

There need to be more bins in local areas because otherwise the animals in your area are living with your litter. Do you want litter in your home?

Issue 3: reducing exam pressure

There is far too much pressure!

I am reliable and I will think through every decision I make to help out as many people as is possible. I can give my opinion and persuade others effectively and quickly.

Issue 1: cleaning out air

Create more electric car charging stations and cleaner public transport to limit greenhouse gas release.

Issue 2: our school days are too early

The time at which our school days start is far too early. It limits the available resting time for teenagers, which can lead to various health problems.

I am not afraid to speak and would represent my district with pride. I am a good listener. I get things done to the best of my ability.

Issue 1: school transport costs

Highlight the difficulties in paying the yearly travel costs. Unfairness of not being able to buy a child's ticket before 9am when that's the time needed to travel to school.

Issue 2: giving children a voice

Some children have great ideas that could change the world but have no way of telling anyone. I would help with this by ensuring that these young people's views are heard by those in authority: school, colleges, local council and central government.

Issue 3: school support

Most schools have a school councillor. However, some young people feel that they just don't understand the issue that they are trying to discuss because they are adults that don't understand the school issues these days. My plan is to try and inspire schools to have a councillor that is an older child that may experience these things themselves but will definitely have a better understanding.

Keira's statement

I represent the opinions and views of young people in Kent.

Issue 1: destruction of green belt land

Reduce or stop the destruction of green belt land in Kent. Find other ways to solve the housing crisis that does not involve increasing pollution or adding strain to the local infrastructure.

Issue 2: mental health and wellbeing support

Mental health is a growing problem in the UK especially among young people. The resources are inadequate in schools for young people and need improvement.

Issue 3: train fares

Train fares are increasing every year. Young people cannot be expected to pay these enormous rates. I want to reduce the fares for students.

I'd like to campaign for 16 year olds to have the right to vote, to increase the political interest of Kent's youth.

Issue 1: Votes at 16

Extending voting rights to 16 and 17 year olds will generate a greater awareness of politics at an earlier age. A representative from the Scottish Youth Parliament stated that since 16 and 17 year olds have been allowed to vote in the Scottish and local government elections, more young people are involved in political discussions, more engaged locally and are going on to study politics at university. I think extending voting rights is important in engaging the youth of Kent.

Issue 2: end knife crime

Knife crime in Kent has more than doubled in the past five years, with 1,322 incidents reported in the last financial year. Statistics could suggest a link between knife crime in Kent and the county's proximity to London. Knife crime rose by 22% across England and Wales in 2017, the biggest annual increase ever recorded. This is why I believe tackling knife crime at an earlier age by implementing education programmes in schools can reduce the number of incidents reported each year.

Issue 3: improve mental health care

Mental health is a problem that many young people in Kent suffer with. A study from 2015 found that 70% of students in Kent couldn't define 'mental health' and 45% of teachers have not had sufficient training required to deal with mental health. I think mental health should be compulsory on the PSHE curriculum and as training to teachers. By doing this we can remove the stigma around mental health and provide care for the young people suffering from mental health related problems.

Lucinda's statement

I have been in a position of power for more than 2 years and I am on my 3rd, so I have experience and I know what I am doing. I feel like I am ready to take the next step and I have a lot of issues I would like to discuss.

Issue 1: a cleaner Sevenoaks

I believe that we, as members of Sevenoaks, must work together to look after the Earth. A solution to the large amount of litter dropped would be to get more bins, get more people to pick up litter and encourage people to look after our planet.

Issue 2: reduction of exam stress

Exams are very hard on young people and I hope to change that by introducing new ways to help with stress, make mentoring cheaper so that students are more confident with exams and more outside of school clubs.

Issue 3: mental health issues

I would like to see people with mental health problems supported as best as they can be with out of school places where they can go and be talked to.

Oliver's statement

I want to be the voice of the younger generation, and I believe that if we work together on these issues we can have a better tomorrow.

Issue 1: speak out against poverty

I would like to help those living in poverty.

Issue 2: safety first

I want people to feel safe wherever they are.

Issue 3: stop child abuse

I would like for children to not have to worry about paedophiles and be able to spot the red flags.