Maidstone and Tonbridge and Malling KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

Read the Maidstone and Tonbridge and Malling candidate manifestos.

I want you to vote for me because I will be hardworking and try my hardest. I will listen to everyone's opinions and give feedback.

Issue 1: public transport to be more accessible for youths with disabilities

I believe that  public transport providers can help youths with disabilities by providing fully accessible vehicles and adequate space for any wheelchair users and raise knowledge and awareness of the needs of young people who are disabled, regardless of it being visible or invisible such as mental health and other things such as visual and hearing deficiency.

Issue 2: community advice centre

I strongly believe that having a safe local area where youths can seek advice and guidance about a wide range of issues is very important. These advice centers will be in all communities. They could be advertised in school, libraries, youth centers, bus stops and on a poster displayed in popular shopping areas. The community advice centres will help by giving advice for or to the LGBT community, victims of bullying/cyberbullying and anyone suffering from eating disorders or mental health issues.

Issue 3: preventing online child grooming

I think schools need to spread more awareness to children from all ages about knowing how to spot early signs of a child groomer. They could incorporate this into lessons or assemblies. Online grooming is unfortunately still occurring regularly. There were over 12,000 counselling sessions with young people who talked to Childline about online issues last year, which is scary.

Alice's statement

I believe that young people are underrepresented both politically and socially and want to improve Kent for everybody, for the long term.

Issue 1: a right to representation for every young person

The United Nations state that young people have the right to an opinion and for that opinion to be listened to. In our current political system, this basic human right is minimised and overlooked. I want to integrate youth representatives into our society to allow young people to be able to raise their issues and ideas to a representative of a similar age with the power to make change.

Issue 2: a county with a comprehensive network of leisure facilities and activities

Parks and leisure centres in Kent are not growing with the increasing population and needs of our county. Using larger cities as examples, I aim to improve these facilities and set up a great community of clubs and societies for all interests that allows us to discover new hobbies and meet like-minded people to support our diverse community.

Issue 3: a stronger link for young people to Kent Police to stop antisocial and violent crime

Violent crime and antisocial behaviour are ruining our open and public spaces and stopping our dream of a safe and free county. I will establish strong connections for young people to Kent Police in order to tackle this crime and behaviour. The formation of youth policing councils, focus groups and easier methods to stay in contact with the police will be key to ensuring that young people have a voice about crime and the county has a safe and prosperous future.

I want to continue the important work that I have already done in the county with the Transport Campaign and the 'Curriculum for life' Campaign.

Issue 1: public transport

If elected again I promise to continue to work with the campaign in order to further strengthen the existing ties promoted by me with the bus companies and Kent County Council, and promise to continue to work for better value for money for buses and trains in Kent.

Issue 2: curriculum for life

I promise to continue to support the introduction of a Curriculum for life in Kent, and promise to continue to work with the campaign in any form possible to help produce resources for schools to introduce a successful Curriculum for life.

Issue 3: improving links with Kent County Council

I promise to continue to work with the whole of the youth council to further improve links with the county council, including the promotion of increased talks with cabinet members and local councillors.

I am campaigning on issues that affect all of us daily or at least once growing up. I want to make it so that everybody feels represented.

Issue 1: better transport

Many of us rely on transport daily, whether that be going to school or even trying to get to work. However, transport is now becoming more expensive as well as somewhat unreliable - many buses are cutting out stops on their journeys. Using transport everyday, I know how annoying it can be. Therefore I would like to make it so that a child can go to school where they are happiest and not based on the cost of travel, I would like to restore trust in our transport to get us where we need.

Issue 2: let's talk about mental health

Approximately 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem across the year, however only 1 in 6 of us will report it. I would like to make it so that people are more aware of mental health by making the signs more commonly known to parents, teachers and even us as individuals. I want to make it so that it is okay to talk about mental health to others and so that we know how to support each other through it.

Issue 3: ending poverty

Around 4 million children within the UK are living within poverty and the effects of poverty are serious. Many children won't receive the amount of vitamins they need to be healthy, because they can't afford to. Many children will struggle to socialise, because they can't afford to. Many people will be without period products, because they can't afford them. No child should be deprived of their human needs therefore i would like to make it so that they have a place to socialise and to receive a good meal.

I think young people are underrepresented and I want to improve services available to us, as we are just as important as adults in society.

Issue 1: a Curriculum for life

Promote a curriculum that supports valuable life skills.

Issue 2: eco schools

Help schools become more eco-friendly by making available more information and ideas to do this.

Issue 3: mental health

Break the stigma around mental health issues, making information and help available to anyone.

I commit to securing jobs for young people all over the county, building youth political participation, and building a curriculum for life.

Issue 1: getting today’s youth involved in politics

The world is changing, and as the future, we need to be on top of it. Whether you lean to the left or the right, I pledge to improve political awareness and participation to truly ensure that Kent and the rest of the country has the backbone to support a future of success when it comes down to government. Kids always have ideas on how the world should be run, and it’s down to us to ensure they have the platform to express them, and the platform to be heard.

Issue 2: jobs and apprenticeships for Kent’s youth

Youth employment is critical for social mobility, whether it be getting money before university, or heading off to do an apprenticeship post-16. We as a council need to ensure that all kids around Kent have an equal opportunity when it comes down to jobs and apprenticeships, so we can build a generation that have open doors in the future for careers, and build the best future for Kent and Britain that we can.

Issue 3: building a true and effective curriculum for life

What you learn in school is what you take through life, so it only makes sense to have a true curriculum that is designed for life. Building on the government’s Prevent strategy to combat extremism, we need to ensure that kids today have the education in place to ensure not only that they don’t go down the wrong path, but that they can go down the right path for them. This plan is absolutely critical in ensuring the best outcome for our kids across the county and the country.

Will's statement