Dover KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

Read the Dover candidate manifestos.

I am a trustworthy candidate who cares about making Dover a better place for young people.

Issue 1: less waste in schools

We could save so much money in schools by recycling and using reusable cups and more to save more money for the NHS.

Issue 2: teen's mental health in school

Our current education system is making teens' mental health levels the same as those in lunatic asylums in the 1960s.

Issue 3: lack of creativity

Schools are making pupils begin to act like robots, causing us to lose creativity. Instead of homework and exams, we should have as few exams as possible and more time to nurture our inner child and be as creative as possible.

Anya's statement

I will try to stop bullying and try to make school a happier place for children and try to encourage people to be the best they can be.

Issue 1: bullying

Bullying is problem all over the country. I plan to try and stop bullying in most places.

Issue 2: make school a happier place

School is an important part of life and you should worry about your child getting a good education, but while they're getting educated they should also be happy while learning.

Issue 3: be the best you can be

Some children have very little confidence in school and I think they need some encouragement because it's a self fulfilling prophecy if their not feeling good their work won't be good.

I think there should be more to do for younger children and more places to go to.

Issue 1: free transport for young people

The buses should be free at weekends for young people to encourage them to get out of their houses.

Issue 2: homeless people

Should be a block of flats or something for the homeless for a lot cheaper than usual.

Issue 3: anti-bullying

Stop people at schools from being bullied and invest more money at schools to stop bullying.

I believe that more funding should be put towards teenage and adolescent mental health - within school and in general.

Issue 1: more funding for mental health

Encourage people to be well informed about mental health issues that teenagers face everyday and have events raising money for charities such as MIND.

Issue 2: use less plastic / save the environment

This is already partially in motion, but I would like to continue to make people aware of the dangers some species of animal are in due to humans polluting the atmosphere with plastic waste.

Issue 3: create new activities for younger people

I would like to establish more extra-curricular clubs outside of school. It has come to my attention that outside of school, many young people would happily stay inside, however I feel that more young people should be encouraged to go outside and embrace nature.

Holly's statement

I have already been a member of KYCC for 2 years. I understand the amazing work I can do as part of it and I want to continue this work.

Issue 1: improving transport for young people in Dover

The transport infrastructure in Dover and the surrounding area is awful, specifically for young people who rely on it to get to school. The school buses are so full that some students get stranded at their stop as they are not let on. Buses and trains from the surrounding villages are always late and sometimes cancelled last minute forcing students to find another, inconvenient method. If elected, I would encourage lowering the price of the bus pass and campaign to get the buses running properly.

Issue 2: developing mental health services so they are able to respond to the needs of everyone

I have already been campaigning for mental health for the past 2 years with KYCC. I wish to continue and improve on this work. Mental health services are awful for young people. If you need help the council will place you on a waiting list for up to 4 months! This is unacceptable as many people who need mental health support need it urgently. If elected I wish to improve and raise awareness of the mental health that causes so many people problems and to crush the stigma around it.

Issue 3: to campaign for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly Dover

The streets and parks of Dover and the surrounding areas are dirty, and damaging to the environment. Litter on the streets is not only unappealing to the human eye but also it has a negative effect on the environment. The carbon emissions from cars and buses in the port of Dover are incredibly damaging to the environment and pollute the air that we all breathe. Dover doesn't source enough of its energy or products from Green solutions. If elected I will campaign on all of these topics.

I will make a difference to the world and I think everyone should be treated the same. I will fight for the interests for young people.

Issue i: LGBT equality

School should focus strongly on treating everyone the same. Students should be reps that other students can go to for support. Counselling should be made available to all students in school. Education on LGBT issues in school.

Issue 2: family illness and support for students

Counselling and emotional support for students who have illness in the family. Better understanding from school as to illnesses in families and their effect on the student.

Issue 3: more sport in school

More funding for after school clubs Better links, better outside clubs and school clubs. More benefits to students - free tickets, etc. to encourage watching of key sports teams.

I will be a good help to the community and I love helping charity. I will also make a difference to young people in Kent.

Issue 1: more counsellors in schools

More counsellors supporting all students. Advertise this to students to let them know this support is available.

Issue 2: LGBT support in schools

Education to students on LGBT issues. Bullying issues addressed and tackled at the highest level at school. Positive representation of LGBT in schools.

Issue 3: more / improved sport in school

More funding to after school clubs. Better links with professional clubs providing outreach in schools.