Dartford and Gravesham KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

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I believe that young voices are the most impactful in our ever-changing society and that I have a voice that should be heard.

Issue 1: awareness of hate crime in our daily lives

I believe that hate crime is a growing issue in our society because, although we are progressing into an age of global acceptance, there are still individuals living in the past. In a world of segregation and fear, we must actively work on building a more accepting society for our generations. No one should live in fear of being an outsider in society. I can offer a personal perspective of being on the receiving end of bigotry and I want to ensure that no one feels as scared as I did.

Issue 2: tuition fees for university

Education is an essential part of ensuring success in a competitive world. Therefore people should not be limited by financial worries. We live in a country which claims to have a meritocracy, however if we stop our youth from having the opportunity to work hard how are they supposed to achieve their rightful place in the world of work? I want to work towards amending policies regarding the cost of one our most fundamental needs to progress: education.

Issue 3: outdated values in our society

I believe that young people are strong minded and have infinite potential to change the world; however, I believe that outdated conventions in our society limit us. I want to ensure that the sky truly is the limit. I want to see a community of people striving for a better tomorrow through improving themselves and I believe that if we offered our youth the chance to be heard and taken seriously without being told they are too young our society would see major changes. We can make our own path.

I want transport fares to become cheaper in Gravesham; it is not fair for youths to pay adult fare before 9am.

Issue 1: cheaper transport fares

Encourage bus companies in the district to lower the fares or come to an agreement of a better alternative that will still suit youths.

Issue 2: changing bus timetables

Speak to bus operatives to change the approximate bus time arrival as they are sometimes too late for students.

Issue 3: what do you want? 

Try and go to different schools in my district and seek their opinion on how to improve transport in Gravesham.

I want to help and get involved and care for the community as much as I can. Also to help people with any issues that they may have.

Issue 1: youth and elderly bonding

I want to try and make elderly people and the youth bond together as much as I can because I think it is crucial that youth understand the elderly. For example, making the youth think the elderly aren't just old and not worth talking to and not people who don't know how to use the latest technology. And also vice versa, making elderly people think that the youth aren't idiots and making sure that whenever they see a youth not to moan at them. The only way to stop this is if they interacted more together.

Issue 2: anti-bullying

Bullying is quite a big thing to me, because not only has it happened to me, but also that knowing what it felt like and how sad or upset you can be can be very stressful. If you are getting bullied tell someone. Tell your parents and teachers and if it is that serious even the police because bullying is a criminal offence. Don't ever think that you are alone, because you aren't. Once you tell someone and get it all off your chest, you'll be surprised of how much better you'll feel afterwards.

Issue 3: stamp out homophobic abuse

I hate hearing people saying rude expressions or phrases such as, 'that's so gay' or 'you're so gay' because, actually, what's so funny and what's the joke in saying that to someone? Somebody please tell me if I'm missing a joke or something because I don't actually think I am. I really want to stamp this out. This is not funny, this is a crime and I don't see the need of people saying these 'funny' or more rude expressions. This is a really serious matter and I want to stamp it out.

George's statement

I want young people in Dartford to have a voice and be heard about issues that affect them and I can do that.

Issue 1: young people's emotional wellbeing

Young people should not have to wait months to see someone to talk through their issues; in Dartford we don't have access to Headstart and we need this service.

Issue 2: reducing the cost of public transport for young people

The cost of travelling around Kent is so expensive; as young people we want to be able to get out and about at weekends and holidays but the costs are too high. Young people in London have free travel so why can't we?

Issue 3: youth services - we need more!

Young people need free and friendly spaces to go to where they can access support from qualified staff; these centres are on the decrease and if our centres close where will we go?

I will represent the wishes of the local district, and bring to prominence the issues that really matter to create the best opportunities.

Issue 1: help develop the next generation of leaders through rhetoric lessons and practice within schools

Encourage institutions to advocate public speaking for all groups of people as it is a crucial and indispensable skill for future life. In order to succeed, in addition to becoming adept in the fields of numeracy, literacy and more, it would be beneficial for students to concurrently develop proficiency in rhetoric. To do this I would promote the importance and benefits, to the schools themselves and seek support from a higher level to give local students the edge in a highly competitive market.

Issue 2: training in fundamental life skills for everyone, to make an easier transition into adulthood

I would utilise time currently set aside for PSHE to emphasise life skills lessons, especially as older students gain more independence. I would attempt to get schools to teach basic life skills, such as cooking, budgeting and communication to a wider cross section, as these abilities are equally significant, whether you are preparing for further education at university, an apprenticeship or going directly into a career.

Issue 3: protection of the local environment; for example, litter collection and recycling projects

Initiate locally led schemes to help clean up litter and causes of pollution within the community. Additionally, I would seek to prevent future environmental degradation by educating young people on the wide ranging costs and impacts of polluting both the natural world, and built up areas. Thirdly I would try to get school or college organisations to install recycling systems to cut down waste going into landfill sites and incinerators, by instead using greener solutions.

Jonathan's statement

When there is a halt in societal progress, I believe that we should recognise that true and long lasting change starts with our youth.

Issue 1: racial and LGBT tolerance

I would like to find ways in which to educate the members of the public about the idea of equality, among people of different races, identities and sexualities. The idea of equality may be taught to children at schools, however I believe that this knowledge should be constantly reinforced to combat the thriving negativity that is imported from other places, which could be as personal as homes.

Issue 2: crime prevention

I wholeheartedly believe that the youth of our community are essential to improving the future of our civilisation, thus it is a shame to see such bright and wonderful people be backed into a corner where there is no other choice then to commit crimes. It is my intention to give these people places to spend their free time: they should be supplied with food, water, clothes, shelter and education, they will not feel like burdens or like they are being considered 'charity'.

Issue 3: mental health

Many of the people that abandon work or the academic system are the people that often feel abandoned themselves. Ignorance in the subject of mental health will only lead to more issues, personally, financially and eventually criminally. My hope is to educate people on the importance of understanding mental health and the different ways to identify and deal with it when discovered. They should know that no mental illness is irrelevant or unimportant.

After being a KYCC rep for the last year, I think I have the knowledge and experience to keep the voices of Dartford's young people being heard

Issue 1: young people's mental health

Young people have so many things going on in their lives with immense pressure on them and access to mental health services is poor across Kent and this needs to improve.

Issue 2: equality

Young people are seen as the 'troublemakers' in society and actually we do things that should be celebrated, I think the way the media portrays young people is offensive and this needs to be addressed.

Issue 3: increase the number of Youth Centres

We need to equip the Youth Centres in Kent with relevant and up to date resources to ensure that young people access them - stop closing centres and sessions as we, as young people, need safe spaces to go to.

I have been a KYCC member for the last 2 years and I'd love to do it again and make more of a difference.

Issue 1: curriculum for life

Many people don’t have a good idea or an idea at all about how to pay taxes, get a mortgage and in general how to be a working adult and I'd like to help educate people on that.

Issue 2: equality

I would like to encourage more equality, especially as I am a different race.

Issue 3: mental disabilities

I believe that mental disability services should be improved around the area and should be added to help them.