Canterbury KYCC candidates

Voting is now closed. Election results will be available on Wednesday 5 December.

Read the Canterbury candidate manifestos.

It will be a good opportunity to voice mine and other people's opinions.

Issue 1: open book exams

GCSE open book exams relieves some pressure on students as for standard GCSEs you need to know 15 poems, 2 novels, 1 play, 20 physics equations and more.

Issue 2: plastics

Using less plastics and recycling those you do to prevent the damage to the environment and animals.

I will ensure change for the issues that matter to you. Get in contact with me and your voice will be heard.

Issue 1: changing the disappointing quality of Stagecoach buses and the service provided for the price paid

After doing multiple surveys with people from all kinds of backgrounds, both male and female, almost always the mutual answer was that the current bus situation is not satisfactory. Prices go up each year but quality goes down. Since I've surveyed quite a few people, I have a really good idea of the problems faced on buses and have it as a main priority to ensure lower prices (especially for young people who have to attend school) and have cleaner buses with bins provided to keep them tidy.

Issue 2: platform for free speech for all youth no matter the age or background

It is a strong belief of mine that no matter how old you are you should have your voice heard. I think it is of vital importance to allow people to speak freely and honestly. If I am elected I will provide a platform for anyone who wishes to contact me, a place to talk and voice their opinion. Every word will be noted and I will do everything in my power to get it heard. The issues that matter to you will be made aware to others and those who have the power to change for the better.

Issue 3: increasing ease of access to support for mental health issues

20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year. This clearly shows that mental illness is a huge problem and is one that needs attention. If I am elected I would work to make the support much more easily accessible for all teenagers. I would also help to spread awareness for mental illness. It's a problem that needs to be solved through change. By voting for me we can change the way mental illness is dealt with and seen by people in Kent.

I intend to make changes in schools across the district and the county that will improve mental health and LGBTQ+ relations in schools.

Issue 1: LGBTQ+ awareness

LGBTQ+ is a taboo subject in a lot of schools and, as a gay student, I intend to change that. I want students from all over the district and different backgrounds to feel supported and safe. It is so important to me that LGBTQ+ students feel happy and supported, which is why prioritising LGBTQ+ is a massive part of my campaign.

Issue 2: improve mental health

Mental health is another taboo subject in schools which I want to change. I want people to know they're not alone and make help more accessible for everyone. I also want students to know they can talk to people about what they're going through, as I know first hand just how scary and lonely dealing with mental health issues can be and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Mental health in schools needs to be improved and if I was elected I would ensure it was.

Issue 3: stamp out stereotypes

Positive and negative stereotypes are an ever-present thing in our society, especially in and surrounding schools and for students between 14-17. Negative stereotypes hurt people and damage their mental health. They make us feel worse about ourselves and I want that to change. I want to improve relations between schools and students and the wider communities because this will, in time, help the wider world realise these stereotypes aren't true.

I believe that I can make positive changes to young people's lives in Kent because I am aware of and affected by the same problems.

Issue 1: scrap GCSEs

The GCSE system is unfair and has too big an emphasis on one set of exams which can hugely affect someone's future if they have one bad day out of the thousands they've spent at school. The GCSE system is one of the largest factors affecting mental health and suicide rates in England. Large numbers of employers don't take GCSE grades into account.

Issue 2: force Stagecoach to improve services

For the price of yearly travel with Stagecoach (£290), we should all expect a golden bus pass encrusted with diamonds. Or, on a serious note, we could demand a reliable, on time service with bins to keep our buses clean.

Issue 3: legalise marijuana

Marijuana has never directly killed anyone and if discovered today would almost definitely be legal. Marijuana can have a positive effect on millions of people's health who might not know it, for example people with chronic neck pain. If legalised the government can control the strength of marijuana to limit any negative effects. If legalised the government can use the money from sales to help people with more serious addictions.

I would change the difficulty for money from the younger generation especially for buying food and transport costs which affects lifestyle.

Issue 1: money issues

Spending most money on games and food may create transactions resulting in budgeting difficulties.

Issue 2: transport issues

Reducing travel costs hugely impacts youths' lifestyles and parents worry about spending more each year.

Issue 3: bullying/cyber bullying

Prevention of bullying is an increasing demand and is possible through awareness.

Jamie' statement

I would like to become a direct link between young people and councils and people who can make change happen, forwarding any issues raised.

Issue 1: reduce the harsh limitations on mobile phone usage in schools

I would like to get into contact with schools and help explain how mobile phones are not the evil they are said to be and are necessary to everyday life, even at school. I would speak to schools and try to compromise on how much they can be used and when.

Issue 2: lower bus pass prices

Talk to Stagecoach on reducing the ridiculous prices on bus passes that young people need to get to school. Students don't have a choice on where they live so why should they have to suffer for it?

Issue 3: reduce the difficulty of GCSEs

Although GCSEs cannot be discarded, as shown many times, the difficulty of the new ones has placed many students in highly stressful situations and caused mental breakdowns. I will do everything I can to campaign for them to be made easier, at least.

I believe I have the experience and confidence to achieve realistic goals, as well as the determination to make those goals happen.

Issue 1: mental health welfare

I want to improve mental health throughout schools. I know how important it is that teenagers have good mental health whilst learning, and I want to implement strategies in each and every school in order to try and improve the wellbeing of students. I have first-hand experience of seeing the effects of stress and anxiety and the impacts this has on students' ability to learn. Implementing a member of staff in each school who is able to listen would overall improve wellbeing.

Issue 2: LGBTQ+ support groups

Being a teenager with the stress of exams and struggling with your personal identity is a terrible thing to go through alone. The stress of coming out or trying to hide who you are is a struggle many have to go through. I want to implement support groups as a safe place in every school so that children can learn to be confident and learn to love who they are. Having many people around me part of the community, I have learnt to help them overcome bullying, and teaching them to love who they are.

Issue 3: better workload balance

Being a year 11, I have personal experience of the difficult workloads being set, as well as being expected to attend OSL and complete revision at home. I want to explore the possibilities of creating more balance in workload and relaxation time, to enable students to perform their best without becoming overwhelmed. I understand the importance of working hard during years 10 and 11, however I hope to find a way to reduce stress and enable students to achieve their best.

I love politics, am a great public speaker and I'm a hard worker.

Issue 1: environmental - more use of renewables in schools, more / safer cycle lanes; leaflets on recyclables

I aim to make Canterbury a more eco-friendly city. In the Canterbury District Local Plan, adopted July 2017, there is an environmental section, which raises issues of flooding, sustainable buildings and drainage systems. These are very important issues, but I believe in starting small - first, with educating households on recyclable items to stop contamination, perhaps using recycling bins in the city (as we are a tourist city) as well as cycle lanes to schools and biodegradable containers in schools.

Issue 2: education - travel for students into Canterbury; school checks; better mental health awareness

Buses often come to their stop very late or too full and end up leaving students late to school or home. If, even for a trail period, an equivalent of a "black-box" could be used on buses, it may cause better punctuality! Students can feel that they have no say in the way their school is run, I believe regular council-led checks up can help find issues and fix them fast in schools. With lots of work and stress, mental health can be damaged. There should be more focus on this issue in PSHE lessons.

Issue 3: buildings - geographically based issues; more independent businesses; homelessness

There are many homeless people within Canterbury. There should be council involvement for people in need and helping them find places to sleep, food to eat - helping get them back on their feet. As an old city, there are problems with tiny roads, traffic and crossings. There should be more zebra crossings to alert drivers to crossing areas. Canterbury is full of franchised shops, there should be support for independent shops - to try and stop Canterbury becoming a city of big brands.