Ashford KYCC candidates

Voting is closed for the Kent Youth County Council district candidates. Results of the election will be published Thursday 5 December 2019.

Find out more about what issues the candidates are standing for:

I want you to vote for me because:

I believe the youth have every right to be heard and taken seriously, especially when it comes matters that concern them.

Issue 1: young homelessness in Kent

Provide financial and emotional support to the vulnerable living or at risk of homelessness, as well as offer advice on how to improve their lives for the future. In addition, raise awareness of the hardships of living on the streets.

Issue 2: environmentally friendly Kent

Raise awareness on effective recycling such as what packaging is recyclable, alternatives to non-recycling products and increase the number of recycling bins around Ashford.

Issue 3: remove the stigma towards mental health illnesses

Offer effective guidance and support through group or individual counselling, and raise awareness of all kinds of mental illnesses and where to go for help. I also want to work closely with local charities/organisations who are also providing support.

I want you to vote for me because:

I hope to bring positive change in the lives of young people which equips them for the future and helps them be valuable members of society.

Issue 1: education for life

I would like to ensure that young people are taught skills that will benefit them outside of the workplace. Essential life skills such as managing money and effective communication are incredibly important in life, yet most young people are expected to simply learn it for themselves. I believe that by placing more of an emphasis on life skills and not route learning young people will benefit mentally and physically. Society will also benefit from having a generation more equipped for life.

Issue 2: a greener Kent

I hope to place more emphasis on recycling, reusing and reducing. I believe that firstly proper education on this subject will allow young people to tackle the problem, as currently a lot of them are simply overwhelmed by a lot of fake news circulating social media on the topic of climate change. Secondly I think more facilities such as visible recycling bins in all town centres are essential as once people are educated they will be able to use these facilities properly to make a difference.

Issue 3: period poverty

I would like to make sure period poverty is a thing of the past. When I first found out that young girls in Kent were experiencing period poverty I struggled to believe that such a thing still existed. I strongly believe that no one should be missing out on their education, social activities or simply day to day life just because they are on their period. Furthermore, girls should not be robbed of their dignity once a month, everyone should have access to clean sanitary products.

I want you to vote for me because:

I'm a passionate activist for people my age. I've got a voice and I intend to use it any way I can to give it to other people my age too.

Issue 1: recognising importance of artistic and creative subjects

Drama, dance, music are all important subjects. Developing a person's creativity as well as being an outlet has been proven to relieve stress and improve mental health. Funding is having to be used for other lessons, but lunch or after school clubs can be available that encourage creativity rather than focusing all efforts on maths or science. Schools need to recognise and push the arts, as it lets students show how they're different and not just a test score.

Issue 2: LGBTQ+ awareness of issues

Misinformation and misrepresentation is everywhere. Gay people aren't always camp, transgender people aren't attention seekers, nonbinary people exist. Why does National Citizens Advice recognise non-binary identities but our government doesn't? There should be safe spaces to discuss and raise these issues need to be advertised more broadly and their voices heard louder. There's a gap in knowledge between our generation and the older ones and we can both learn and improve together.

Issue 3: lower student costs

I want to raise awareness for issues students and their families face when getting ready for the new school year or just to keep up. Bus passes are getting more and more expensive, there's crazy uniform regulations like no pockets or no backpacks meaning we have to spend more and miss out on buying more important things such as stationary. There should be more help given as well as sensible alternatives to school rules making us waste money.

I want you to vote for me because:

I think that young people should have a voice in Kent and all young people should be heard.

Issue 1: climate change and the local environment

We need to be proactive and ensure that when road expansions are undertaken an impact on the local environment needs to be considered.

Issue 2: equality for all

It is important that everyone is treated equally no matter what race, religion or gender.

Issue 3: mental health awareness

I would like to ensure that all young people have access to facilities to help them understand the importance of mental health wellbeing.

I want you to vote for me because:

I believe that above all, good mental health support is the key for young people to learn in school, to function in the workplace, and more.

Issue 1: expand mental health support

Many children and teens struggle in secondary school, this can range from the tough transition from primary into a new, larger environment, or to stress from exams. With all this happening, students need an environment where there can be less stress. As adolescence begins this can lead to many mental health issues relating to school stress. If mental health support is expanded to all pupils and at all times, this can make them learn more efficiently and reduce peer pressure along with anxiety.

Issue 2: young workers support

For many, transitioning from school to the workplace can be hard. This can be for a number of reasons, however, if we set up counselling groups, this will ease the stress from the workplace and help Kent's young workforce to be more at ease while working at the job and to decrease workplace stress. I believe that this is an integral part of work for people ages 16 to 18, and skills learnt from these focus groups will be taken into adulthood to help them at life in general.

Issue 3: PSHE (secondary schools)

PSHE is an integral part of learning how to be a functioning adult, however, many secondary schools have not implemented this. I will push for PSHE to be a mandatory subject so that pupils can have an easier, more safe transition into adulthood.

Watch Ethan's campaign video to find out more.

I want you to vote for me because:

I firmly believe I can and will make a change for the better in the lives of young people in Ashford.

Issue 1: introducing a current affairs and political awareness programme into schools

In schools there is very little education in politics and current affairs and I strongly believe this is an extremely relevant topic, especially now as Brexit is occurring and the great issue of climate change. I believe that introducing current affairs days and small learning opportunities weekly would increase young people's understanding of how the country is run and in what ways people of all ages can become engaged and make a change.

Issue 2: climate change, small changes make a big difference

We have 10 years to reverse global warming; the youth of today hold the future in their hands. Embedding small changes into everyone's lives will make a difference and will encourage older generations to follow our lead. For example, introducing recycling bins in schools as well as around the Ashford area. In addition, more accessible public transport in rural areas will reduce carbon dioxide emissions increasing independence and opportunities for young people.

Issue 3: widening career opportunities

Schools are very focused on the curriculum they are obliged to teach. This leaves many students inexperienced and unaware of the different opportunities they could take. I believe that introducing a network of mentors from a range of businesses that are willing to work with schools, to help to get students enthused by opportunities. This would make students more aware of their potential career paths and could also open up doors for work experience for the holidays.

I want you to vote for me because:

I feel that I have many great ideas to share that can change not only Kent but people around the world. I stand for helping our Earth.

Issue 1: global warming and climate change issues

I would like to make Kent a step in the process of a green and healthy Earth. I would like to have people from around Kent helping our cause in any way they can, whether they walk instead of drive or gathering people for litter picking. I would like to help make PowerPoints to educate people and to show them how to help make Earth a better place.

Issue 2: equality for all

It is important that everyone is treated equally no matter what race, religion or gender.

Issue 3: mental health awareness

I would like to ensure that all young people have access to facilities to help them understand the importance of mental health wellbeing.