Brexit travel and transport

Some communities may experience disruption to local road networks due to the new rules that are in place following Britain leaving the EU. As the highways authority, we are responsible for maintaining all roads within Kent, except motorways and major roads which are the responsibility of Highways England.

Check the roads before you travel

Please check your route before you travel to see how your journey may be affected and make sure you're prepared in case your journey takes longer than you expect.

If you need to travel please check the latest travel information from:

Operation Brock

Operation Brock is a traffic management plan, which may be activated at times of cross-Channel disruption if there are significant delays at the border between Dover and Calais. The plans are flexible and can be activated depending on the volume and impact on flows around the county, particularly traffic leaving the country via the Kent-based ports.

For more details about the traffic management plans for Kent, visit the Kent Prepared website.

Advice for hauliers and lorry drivers

Highways England will implement Operation Brock if traffic begins to build in the east of the county and ask that lorry drivers:

  • check conditions before setting out
  • follow signs and signals on the roads
  • follow queuing instructions.

Hauliers and other commercial drivers crossing the Channel need documentation and may require a negative COVID-19 test for some countries. Visit the DfT website, or an advice site at a motorway services or truckstop for more information.