Local Sustainable Transport Fund - Kent Connected

Kent Connected is working towards making sustainable travel easier for Kent residents.

Our projects

Journey planning

We are developing a journey planning tool that will show all the different transport options available to help you plan your door to door journey in and around Kent.

It will show you real-time travel information such as congestion and updated public transport times.

By travelling sustainably you can:

  • improve your impact on the environment
  • save time
  • save money
  • improve your health.

Find out more at kentconnected.org

Kent Connected has been funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund

For schools and businesses

We are working to:

  • promote sustainable travel to schools and businesses
  • reduce carbon emissions, pollution, congestion through use of sustainable travel
  • increase physical activity, improve health and save time and money for Kent residents.

The initiatives we are involved with for schools and businesses include:

Public transport involvement

We are working to improve public transport for Kent residents by:

  • promoting sustainable transport options to employees of Kent businesses and unemployed job-seekers traveling to interviews or job opportunities
  • smart ticketing/ smart cards

Offering grants for sustainable travel

For schools and businesses we will be offering grants for sustainable travel for initiatives including cycle training, travel plans, health and well-being. Find out more about:

Travel engineering

We are working to improve sustainable travel routes across Kent with:

  • wayfinding signs
  • transport interchange improvements
  • cycle route improvements
  • bus stop improvements.

Bid documents

Read our bid documents for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Contact us

For more information on our projects email kentconnected@kent.gov.uk.