Kent Drug and Alcohol Strategy

Since the development of the last Kent Alcohol Strategy (2014-2016), the county has made good progress on addressing the impact of alcohol on individuals, families and communities. It is particularly pleasing to see that there is a reduction in the number of young people admitted to hospital due to alcohol misuse.

The vast majority of people in Kent enjoy using alcohol sensibly and drink within recommended guidelines. Kent is generally a safe place to go out socialising and many towns have a vibrant night time economy. However, some indicators relating to alcohol harm have increased, such as higher numbers of liver deaths and hospital admissions related to alcohol. It is paramount that we take action to reverse the trend in such instances because alcohol-related harm is largely preventable.

The social, economic and health impacts of alcohol are often identified with disadvantaged communities, but this can overlook the fact that alcohol harm affects all aspects of our population regardless of age, income, gender or ethnicity.