Annual public health report

The Annual Public Health Report for 2016 focuses on the issue 'Better Housing for Better Health'. Detailing the links between housing and health and this report focusses on three areas:

  • growth, affordability and planning
  • indoor housing environment
  • maintaining a stable home life.

The Annual Public Health Report for 2015 focuses on the issue of health inequalities, and in particular Kent's 'Mind the Gap' strategy for 2012-2015. This annual report sets out the progress around key indicators of health inequalities and features examples of the initiatives that are having an impact.

The report sets out what we are doing to tackle this, as well as highlighting the work of a number of other agencies and partners across the county.

Our health inequalities action plan will be to; better work with partners across local government, the health and social care sector, and local communities, to improve health and wellbeing in deprived areas.