Kent Environment Strategy

A strategy for environment, health and economy

Kent faces unprecedented growth and change over the coming decades. The Kent Environment Strategy recognises and addresses the challenges and opportunities that this will bring.

Working together through the strategy and across sectors, the task is to continue to support economic growth whilst protecting and enhancing our natural and historic environment and creating and sustaining communities that are vibrant, healthy and resilient.

A shared vision and successful collaborations will result in actions that will ensure that Kent is a place of choice to live, work and visit.

The 2016 strategy has three themes:

  • Building the foundations for delivery
  • Making best use of existing resources, avoiding or minimising negative impacts
  • Working towards a sustainable future

What we’ve achieved so far

Together partners, communities and businesses have been working to enhance and make the most of Kent’s environmental benefits.

See our latest reports:

Previous reports:

Work on the Kent Environment Strategy is supported by PASSAGE which is identifying and developing opportunities to collaboratively develop low carbon policies in the Dover Strait area.

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