Children in care sufficiency strategy

Meeting the placement needs of children in care

Our sufficiency strategy sets out our approach to providing secure, safe and appropriate accommodation to children in care and care leavers over the next 3 years. 

The document identifies the key challenges that we face in achieving sufficiency, and sets out our strategic approach to overcoming them. It also details the actions we will take and the way we will measure our successes.

Our aims are:

  • to enhance early help, prevention and partnership working
  • to further develop in-house foster care services
  • to continuously improve quality of care 
  • market engagement
  • to continue to build organisational effectiveness.

Throughout the life of this document we will continue to work with our children in care, care leavers and key partners to develop our plans and priorities. There will be quarterly reviews and oversight from our Corporate Parenting Panel to ensure the strategy remains as relevant until 2018 as it does now.