Strategy for Adults with Autism in Kent

The Strategy for Adults with Autism in Kent has been developed by the Kent Autism Collaborative and has taken into account the views of people with autism, their families and carers, professionals and voluntary organisations who work with people who have autism.

Our vision is for people with autism to receive the right support at the right time, to be enabled to develop to their full potential and to be active and accepted members of their communities. At the core of this strategy is the desire to create an autism friendly society in its widest sense.

The strategy sets out the direction we are going to follow over the next five years to achieve this vision. It will form the basis from which more detailed plans will be developed.

It provides the strategic priorities for organisations in Kent in relation to adults with higher ability autism and those transitioning from children's to adult services. Its emphasis is on ensuring the wellbeing of people with autism and their families and carers and providing support in a preventative way to reduce needs developing in the first place.

We are committed to the priorities set out in this strategy and working towards improving the lives of adults with autism and their families in Kent.