Kent Adult Carers' Strategy

Our vision for carers

This strategy sets out our vision for carers across Kent. We will build on the progress established through the carers grant funding and use the framework set out in the National Carers Strategy. In Kent we have committed to deliver the national strategy in 5 years rather the suggested 10.

Across Kent, we have made a commitment to work together to ensure that taking on a vital caring role does not mean people having to take less care of their own health or career opportunities or suffer from social exclusion. We believe that carers are entitled to their own lives and are important in their own right as individuals not just for the role they provide.

Central to the development of this strategy and the general approach towards the carers in Kent is the principle that carers are the main providers of community care who should be supported in their role. We do not underestimate carers’ contribution to society. If carers were to give up providing the care and support they offer it would be akin to losing the whole of the NHS.

The services and support that we design in the future must be flexible and able to adapt to meet the needs of a wide range of people; therefore delivering greater levels of choice and control to carers will be a priority.