Adult learning disabilities review

Quality, personalised services

We provide an integrated service to people with a learning disability in Kent. Over four thousand people use our services everyday.

The Learning Disability Partnership Strategy vision is to provide quality services in a personalised way so that each individual is getting the support they need, delivered in a way that enhances their independence. We work with partners to make learning disability a part of everyone's planning so that services are truly inclusive.

Our key priorities are:

  • people with learning disabilities having a fulfilling life, including opportunities to work, study, enjoy leisure and social activities and to have relationships and friendships
  • giving people real choice over where they live and with whom
  • providing good and accessible health care to people with learning disabilities
  • partnership working to induce innovation and improve efficiency
  • to manage within our resources.

By delivering these key priorities we hope this will mean that more people with learning disabilities in Kent experience living their life the way they choose.