Don't forget to vote video transcript

[Cartoon style animation of a map of Kent showing buildings]

[Title caption] Kent County Council elections Thursday 6 May

County councils like Kent provide a range of services that make a difference to people's everyday lives.

[Animation zooms in on an illustration of County Hall]

This is why voting in local elections is so important.

[Animation shows two older people waving]

These duties include providing adult social care services and helping older people to live more independently.

[Animation of young man enters from the right]

They also include responsibilities to support adults with a range of learning disabilities and mental health conditions.

[Animation changes to a group of children and young people waving]

County councils provide social care for vulnerable children seeking to ensure that they're confident and ambitious to make choices about work, education and training.

[Animation adds an image of a school building]

The county council also provides strategic leadership and oversight on education.

[Animation changes to a double decker bus travelling along a road]

The county council has an important role in supporting local transport and infrastructure alongside responsibilities for things like public health, country parks and trading standards, as well as the library service.

[Animated bus comes to a stop outside a building and two people get off the bus. Animation changes to show a car entering a household waste recycling centre.]

County councils have strategic responsibilities for waste management which includes recycling and disposing of household waste.

[Animation shows travelling along an open road]

The council is responsible for over 5,400 miles of road and 4,300 miles of public rights of way.

[Animation of a map of Kent showing buildings, roads and vehicles]

To have your say on these services and how the council is run, don’t forget to vote on Thursday 6 May.