Health and wellbeing resources

Being a member of the library gives you access to more than 50 online subscriptions free of charge.

Follow the links below for more information on resources. For licensing reasons, some of our resources are not available remotely and can only be accessed on computers in particular libraries, therefore no link is given. Ask your local library for more details.

Kent Bereavement Advice Service

Kent Bereavement Advice Service offers practical advice and support after the death of a relative or friend. This service is provided by Kent Libraries, Registration & Archives in partnership with ITC.

Visit the Kent Bereavement Advice Service website.

Free websites

Kent-specific sites

Social Care and Health

Our social care and health section has information and advice about care homes, day care, home care, carer's services etc. .

Kent and Medway Cancer Guide

Kent and Medway Cancer Guide is a site funded by Macmillan Cancer Support which contains a wealth of local and wider information and advice about cancer.

Visit the Kent and Medway Cancer Guide website.

Health Help Now

Find your nearest services or source of advice, and check symptoms.

Visit the Health Help Now website.

Live It Well

Live It Well pulls together ideas, resources and information about things to do in Kent "that can help you find ways to live life well".

Visit the Live It Well website.

Signpost UK

Signpost UK is the route to advice and help for people in Kent and Medway seeking information about mental health.

Visit the Signpost UK website.

National sites

HSE Books

HSE Books has full copies of Health and Safety Executive publications, including their regulations, available to download free as PDF documents. Search by keyword, click on the publication title and then on "free PDF download available" to access.

Visit the HSE Books website.

NHS LifeChecks

NHS LifeChecks is an online health service that will help you assess your own and your child or teen's health and well-being. All you need to do is answer a set of simple questions about your lifestyle and NHS LifeCheck will give you confidential results and advice.

Visit the NHS LifeChecks website.

NHS Choices

NHS Choices is a guide to information about the NHS generally and services. The main gateway to the 'Patients' choice' scheme enabling you to choose your hospital.

Visit the NHS Choices website.

Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion is all about enabling patients to share their experiences of health care, and by doing so help other patients.

Visit the Patient Opinion website.

Patient UK

Patient UK  is a comprehensive, free, up-to-date health information as provided by UK GP s to patients and carers during consultations. The ultimate FAQ resource for health.

Visit the Patient UK website.

Boots WebMD

Boots WebMD is produced in partnership by and the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd (publishers of the British Medical Journal) this site provides free access to a wealth of information and advice on everyday health matters, written in a language that is easy to understand.

Visit the Boots WebMD website.

Libraries offer a wide range of books on health issues. Search the library catalogue or speak to your local library for more information.